Kyrgyzstan for adventure souls (sold out)


This offer is addressed only to people who have been with us on a trip and know how we like to travel. And we know if we want to go together. The event will focus on exploring new routes in Northeast Kyrgyzstan. We promise adventure and the fact that we will get you out of every problem we put you into. You will be dirty and showers will be rare. But water will be every day. We swear you will spend little money in restaurants.


2640 EUR on our bike, 1360 EUR on your bike 14.08.2021-28.08.2021 Start/finish: Bishkek/Bishkek Difficulty: 7/10 Price includes:
  • accomodation + meals
  • support car all the way
  • guide
  • some other minor things
Price does not include:
  • air tickets
  • fuel
  • alcohol
  • transport of your bike (1150 EUR from/to Poland)

Day 1 | Zabawa dla dużych chłopców

The description will be short, because our knowledge about these areas is not complete. And the description of each next day would be just as mysterious. The event aims to reach hardly accessible areas where there are no tourists and where there are few locals. Two guides (one local) will ensure the appropriate level of off-road attractions and safety. Tents almost every day, sometimes yurts. Hotel on the first and last day.

The rest on priv. It will be beautiful and very uncomfortable. Max 8 participants on the bikes. The event will take place even if only one will appear. We want this tour…