Frequently asked questions about motorcycle and other vehicles transportation.

Where to deliver the vehicle?

The warehouse we use is owned by Bufamco, and the address is Łowicz, 9 Małszyce Street. Just put in your GPS and you’ll have no problems finding it.

Can you pick up my vehicle?

Yes, but there’s an additional fee – in Poland it is 350 PLN for a motorcycle.

Can I add my luggage/panniers to transportation?

Yes, you can transport everything you need to travel – you’ll received a detailed list of items allowed for transportation. All bags should be waterproof and clearly labelled with the registration number of the motorcycle. Unless the width of your motorcycle and trunks exceeds 100 cm (or the height of 135 cm) you do not have to disassemble the trunks and the luggage will travel free of charge. The fee for each additional luggage 15 Euro.

How to prepare my motorcycle for the transportation?

Wash the motorcycle, remove the bags/panniers if the width of the motorcycle with trunks exceeds
100 cm, make sure there’s a minimum amount of fuel in the tank. If possible, remove the windshield.

Clearly label each item of luggage (bags, panniers, windshield) you provide for transportation with the motorcycle’s registration number.

Who is responsible for the packing?

Once you hand over the motorcycle packing and securing it inside a cage or on a platform is our responsibility.

Should I leave my keys and documents?

Leave the keys only if the motorcycle exceeds 100cm in width or 135 in height and the key is necessary to remove the trunk. Original documents are necessary only for transportation to Georgia.

Are motorcycles insured during the journey?

Yes, all transports are insured to their full value.

When can I buy airline tickets?

Once we’ve we asked you for the advance payment or sent you an e-mail with the contract, the trip is confirmed and you can buy tickets.

When can I pick up my motorcycle at the destination?

The motorcycles are ready for pick up anytime after the delivery date stated in the contract. However, when buying your airline ticket please note that in some countries warehouses are closed on Sundays or even Saturdays.

What if there is my motorcycle suffers damages during transportation?

Although we use utmost caution when transporting the vehicles, some damages might occur during such long journeys. In an unlikely event of damage, we proceed in accordance with the provisions of the contract. You are obliged to inform us by e-mail about the damage within 7 days from the delivery of the motorcycle and to provide photographic evidence of this unpleasant event.