About us

Our employees and associates have never met each other and probably never will. Most of us live in Europe, but there are also Kyrgyz, Argentineans, Chileans, Indians, Mongols, Canadians and Americans. The members of Advfactory family speak different languages and come from different cultures. They are doctors, scuba divers, blacksmiths, journalists, musicians, ski instructors, and Andrez is a professional clown. We all, however, have one thing in common – we love to travel. This project would not have been possible without true passion. Advfactory.com is more than just a business – it’s our way of life.


Adventures all year round

With us, the season lasts a whole year. There's always a sun somewhere - we'll go there.

Motorcycle transport

If you want to travel alone, we will gladly organize your transport to the starting place of your adventure.

Small groups

Motorcycle trips organized by us are held in small groups of 6-10 people.

Support vehicle

During each trip we are accompanied by a support car that provides us with mechanical assistance and cold beer.


We will never take you to a place where we have not been. We will always take you to a place which we liked.

For everyone

Regardless of your experience, how old are you or what motorcycle you have - we will find the right trip for you!


The name Advfactory is a combination of two words: adventure and factory. It came naturally, as we have always been passionate about creating experiences. We believe adventure starts the moment you hit off-road and we always try to go off the beaten track. We have been traveling for so many years, we have become wanderers – always curious, always exploring.

This attitude drove us to visit six out of seven continents. It also allowed Advfactory to offer trips to the most stunning places in the world; Pangong Tso, Bartangu Valley, Song Kul, Salar de Uyuni. Even the names are a promise of something unusual and unforgettable. In our quest to organise trips as best as we can, we never take you to places we had not visited and checked before. The destinations are the result of our careful choices. We reject what is less attractive to show you what we consider to be the BEST …

The expeditions we offer are unique and require detailed preparation, years of experience and knowledge of the terrain – it’s rather unlikely you’d reach these places on your own. When traveling with us, you will not be an ordinary tourist bypassed by a route tour bus somewhere on the road. Our goal is to let you encounter the authentic culture and history of the country we visit. You will sleep in yurts, try real Argentinian steaks, drink Himalayan masala tea and taste kumis. To ensure the real experience all our trips are accompanied by local associates.

We also want to make sure an emergency such as vehicle failure or an injury does not spoil the trip for rest of the participants. Therefore, a support car is always there to guarantee maximum comfort and safety.

As most of our routes lead through high mountains: Himalayas, Andes, Pamir, Tien Shan, Hindukush, every trip is planned in the tiniest detail, so as to provide the best possible service in those demanding conditions. The weather is always a very unpredictable yet crucial factor when travelling, so we are prepared for different scenarios and know alternative routes.

Years of experience have taught us not to fight nature but to adapt to it. Just accept what the road gives you. We know that is how the most unforgetable adventures happen.


Krzysztof Samborski

The Boss

Journalist, motorcyclist, traveller. In 1993, he visited Central Asia for the first time, fell head over heels in love with it, and hasn’t left ever since. He worked for newspapers, radio, internet portals and even for television, but always felt out of place. When he organised his first motorcycle trip in 2006 he immediately knew that was it. And although he feels better in a yurt than in an air-conditioned room, he insists, that he is a stay-at-home guy at heart.

Mikołaj Samborski

The Hand of the King

Not a typical member of Advfactory team. Doesn’t ride a motorbike and during holidays prefers to wander around new cities on foot. Passionate about music and sound. On weekdays he deals with production of music and TV broadcasts, at the weekends, as DJ Miki, controls the heartbeats of the crowd. Watch him sway and move the knobs of the potentiometer and the rhythm IS going to get you!

Stephen Alldridge

The Man Who Knows Best

Steve is a man from the Land Down Under who learned to ride off-road. No wonder that having travelled thousands of kilometres this way, he’s not very keen on asphalt. A skilled mechanic, great motorcyclist and a very responsible guide. He doesn’t smoke or drink – he’s only addiction is travelling. As a true addict he doesn’t know when (or in this case where) to stop, so he’s been on every continent of our planet. At our company he is the one who makes sure that at the end of the day all motorbikes reach the destination in one piece. A magician of mechanical improvisation. A modest guy, who knows everything better anyway.

Ewa Dryła


A linguist by education, a language teacher by profession, a flamenco dancer by choice, a chatterbox by nature. As if Polish was not enough, she speaks fluent English, German and Spanish. She travelled the Balkans on a motorcycle. Knows how to pack half a woman’s wardrobe into a container of the size of an average handbag. A fan of speedway and Superenduro. A walking dictionary, responsible for contact with customers, translations and documentation related to the transport of motorcycles.

Krzysztof Fijak

Capo di tutti clienti

Mechanical Engineer, he works for General Motors, in Turin. Until he was 35, he had never ridden a motorbike, then, for love (Lisa) he climbed up on the 2 wheels and now he is not able to get down…even if he still has a lot to learn. He travelled by motorbike to Europe, Central Asia, USA and Morocco. A living GPS: instead of the most sophisticated navigators, it prefers to use road maps. He has been living in Italy for more than 20 years and he speaks fluently Italian, English and Polish. Krzysztof is our contact for Italian customers.

Paweł Rubach

The Impossible Cases Ninja

Lecturer at the Warsaw School of Economics. Fluent in several languages (although claims Java is his mother tongue). A frequent visitor to Peru. An enthusiast of 4 × 4 expeditions, with extensive field experience. Has been through some hard times on two wheels as well. Recently in Iceland. An active scout instructor.

Max Zaitsev

Canadian Connection

Max represents our interests in Canada. His main responsibility is dealing with transport to and from North America as well as organising our events departing from Vancouver. Whether you’re after exploring the Alaskan wilderness, or going across the continent to see the sunny California – Max is the guy to turn to. Born in the Ukraine, he willingly embraced the American way of life (as presented in the photo). And although he rides a KLR, we’re hoping to see him get on a BMW GS any day now.

Przemek Osuchowski


The first laureate of the Polish Pulitzer Prize, who used to travel the world as a reporter. Then, for a decade, he produced television programs, worked on six continents. Now, he wanders with his camera, always trying to reach places you’ll never find in any travel agency offer. An occasional writer, mostly when he needs an outlet for his thoughts and experiences. Went backpacking in over 80 countries, and spent at least four weeks in each one. He just believes that shorter trips (not to be confused with holidays) don’t make any sense at all. Altogether, he spent 12 years on the road, almost three of which were in the former Soviet Union. No wonder then that Przemek specialises in extreme car trips. In 2015, he led the first edition of the Venice – Beijing Rally, where enthusiasts of exceptional journeys followed the route of Marco Polo. He rarely rides a motorcycle because it’s “kinda hard to smoke wearing a helmet”. Admits to loving three things in life – women, bridge and fruit distillates. Usually in this order. On those rare occasions when he doesn’t travel you can meet him in Kraków or Toronto.

David Hall

The Iron Man

This is our English connection. Responsible for all the English errors on our website. He knows Morocco, the Himalayas and the British Isles like the back of his hand. Works with horseshoes every day, so definitely a lucky guy… At our company he is responsible for the British market and the rest of the Commonwealth.

Szymon Springer

Young and bold. With a head full of dreams and a heart and stamina that can make them come true. His passion for life and new adventures is contagious. A man of many talents – photographer, writer, filmmaker. You name it – he’ll claim it. Szymon is a guy who likes things big. If he needs to cool down – he dives in icy winter waters, if he wants a holiday – he’ll take his motorbike and ride all the way from Poland to Australia on his own. In Advfactory Szymon is a guide, and being very experienced in logistics, he is also responsible for our transports in Europe.

Piotr Szymański

A journalist by education, an experienced specialist in digital marketing, a passionate traveller and motorcyclist. Always curious and with enquiring mind, he enthusiastically approaches new experiences. Piotr feels in his element when working with people and for people. Because of that he claims that a part of him stays wherever he goes, which sometimes makes it difficult to put everything back together. He deeply believes that there is nothing you couldn’t learn if you really wanted to – when there’s a will, there’s a way. He loves saté tempeh, the smell of Balinese incense, the aroma of asado and the warmth of a fireplace. He knows what culata is, how much Honda Vario can do and how to explore two volcanoes in four days. He likes to challange himself to escape his biggest fear – monotony, which he believes can steal every second of life like a skilled thief.



„A gdy już tam w tych zacnych a obyczajnych krajoch będziesz, nie rośćże jako krzywa sosna w boru, która nic więcej nie umie, jedno, iż się zieleni, a przedsię kole a szyszki śmierdzące rodzi, które się ni nacz inszego nie przygodzą, jedno najeżywszy się, na ziemi darmo leżą; ale rość jako drzewko oliwne, którego i…

Grzegorz z Warszawy

Wyjazd do Bhutanu to było dla mnie ogromne przeżycie. To naprawdę cudowne miejsce wciśnięte między Indie i Chiny, ale diametralnie od nich różne. Oszałamiająca przyroda, piękne zabytki i przemili, przyjaźni ludzie. Jeżeli zwiedza się Bhutan tak jak my na motocyklach to wówczas możliwość dogłębnego poznania tego kraju jest jeszcze większa. Wszyscy, którzy uprawiają turystykę motocyklową…

Martin Špirko

V roku 2013 sme absolvovali expedíciu so šiestimi štvorkolkami v krajinách centrálnej Ázie, v Kyrgyzstane a Tajikistane. Transport štvorkoliek nám realizoval Krystof Samborski z firmy ADVfactory.com. Obojstranný transport prebehol bez problémov a týmto sa ešte raz chcem poďakovať realizačnému týmu ADVfactory. Určite sme nevyužili služby tejto firmy posledný krát!


Chi viaggia in moto ha sempre un mezzo incubo rappresentato dalle spedizioni della moto, agenzie di spedizione, operazioni doganali, preparazione casse, fumigazioni, calcolo il più esatto possibile per la data di arrivo, noleggi container ecc.ecc. Quest’anno grazie a un paio di simpatici motociclisti che hanno fatto da organizzatori (Lupo ed Ermanno) mi sono aggregato ad…