2021 Kyrgyzstan for Light Cavalry (sold out)


This adventure is for those who have already discovered that some dirt and gravel can do you much better than paved roads, and strongly believe that a 150 kg motorbike is a better cross-country travel companion than its twice as heavy counterpart. In Kyrgyzstan, there are plenty of beautiful routes and you can visit this country riding just on asphalt or only on gravel. Better yet, mix a little of both. That way you discover the true Kyrgyzstan. We know this country like the back of our hand – eleven years of experience in organising motorbike expeditions have earned us that. If adventures, cool gravel and beautiful views are what you’re after this event is tailor made to suit you. Let us take you closer to nature, nights in tents and yurts guarantee that. Take a dip in a secluded lake, find out how the real people live… And when you’re back home and winter comes, enjoy your beautiful photos, let them take you down the memory lane and make the time without your bike a little bit sweeter.


EUR 2440 or EUR 1160 on your motorcycle 18.07.2021-29.07.2021 Start/finish: Bishkek/Bishkek Difficulty: 5/10 Price includes:
  • accomodation + meals
  • support car all the way
  • guide
Price does not include:
  • airline tickets
  • fuel
  • alcohol
  • bike transportation from/to Europe (from 1050 EUR)

Day 1 | Bishkek – Besh Tash

We set off to the main highway towards Susamyr and within two hours of climb we reach the altitude of 3,000 metres. 180 kilometres later we continue downhill onto a rarely frequented route leading towards Talas. This evening’s destination – Besh Tash National Park. Night in a tent.

Day 2 | Besh Tash – Kirov artificial lake

The lakes of the National Park take a few hours. There is not going to be much riding on this day. You won’t miss it though, as there will be plenty of occasions to swim in warm waters.

Night in a tent.

Day 3 | Kirov artificial lake – Besh Aral

We part ways with asphalt and begin our gravel adventure. Lots of climbing you will make and even more snapshots you will take.

Night in a tent.

Day 4 | Besh Aral – Toktomysh

There are several passes on the way, not to mention one of the most beautiful Kyrgyz canyons. Night under the starry skies at “A thousand star hotel”.

Day 5 | Toktomysh – Kazarman

The day starts with a boring 100 kilometres and then suddenly it gets really interesting. Behind an impressive pass a brave new world opens up.

Day 6 | Kazarman – Tash Rabat

Gravel, gravel and even more gravel. There’s a treat for those of you who suffer being offline – there’s field and network for a short while. Once we’ve passed Baetov, we reach the Marks Engels Lenin Stalin pass – maybe not the most romantically named, but definitely the finest in the entire Kyrgyzstan.

Night in yurts at the Tash Rabat lake.

Day 7 | Tash Rabat – Eki Naryn

Smooth asphalt to Naryn, nice shopping and then we head for the mountains for two days.

Night in a tent.

Day 8 | Eki Naryn – Arabel – Tamga

This is when you find out what a castaway might feel – high mountains, unfrequented trails, not a soul anywhere near. It’s all about the skies and mountains. The route continues downhill, it’s a gravel “motorway” to the Issyk Kul lake. An unforgettable day.

Night in a guesthouse.

Day 9 | Tamga – Song Kul

An asphalt road leads to the prettiest lake in Kyrgyzstan. That is our favourite. The most favourite.

Day 10 | Song Kul

Much needed rest. You can change your metal horse for a real one and go for a ride. It’s all about discovering,capturing new experiences and living the moment.

Day 11 | Song Kul – Karakechy – Susamyr

We ride down by an impressive open-pit coal mine to the neighbouring valley. A beautiful path along the Karakemen river leads to the valley of Susamyr.

Day 12 | Susamyr – Bishkek

The route we take depends strongly on circumstances and timetable – either we challenge ourselves for the last time going through difficult Keget pass or just enjoy ourselves choosing the nice and smooth Too Ashuu pass.