2023 Pacific Uturuncu or from zero to hero

Machu Picchu view. South America motorcycle trip with Advfactory


We try to make sure that each trip delivers the WOW factor, this one though will be one of the kind. For one thing, the altitude range is the biggest – 6008 meters! But it’s definitely not the main reason you’ll get a whiplash. Machu Picchu, Cuzco, the world’s deepest canyon, highest lake, driest desert, the mystical Camino de la Muerte, the magical Salar de Uyuni, the city where Butch Cassidy died – and all that in just three weeks! That’s plain crazy right? Well, not quite – we’re not done yet! You will also get a chance to climb the six-thousand meter volcano in a few hours and drive along the most beautiful Bolivian roads leading along the Andean lagoons.

This trip is for all those wandering spirits who always feel a certain longing for more. The type of your bike is way less important here. It’s the strive for real experience that matters most. It’s not cruising from one hotel to another. If you’re a true adventure seeker you know it’s not the place you lay your head in the evening that determines the destination. We will make this event unique and unforgettable. That’s the one you’ll compare all your other adventures to, that’s the one that’ll stay vivid in your memory for many years to come. So come on wild hearts – join us now!


EUR 4850 03.01.2023-23.01.2023 Start/finish: Iquique Difficulty: 6/10 Price includes:
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast and dinner in case of camping
  • Breakfast in case of a hotel or boarding house
  • Guide
  • Support car throughout the entire trip
  • Technical service of motorcycles
  • Great atmosphere
  • Bike transportation Poland – Chile – Poland
Price does not include:
  • Flight
  • Entry tickets to national parks
  • Fuel

Day 1 | Iquique

Arrival to Iquique, collecting bikes. The city’s just started holidays. On the one hand the ocean, on the other a desert and a huge dune. If you worry about the weather – don’t. The average annual rainfall around here is….1mm.

Day 2 | Iquique – Arica, 300 km

You’ve probably seen the dune ending one of the Dakar sections in Chile, the one which is one kilometre high. We will climb it and cross the Atacama desert to reach the seacoast and Arica. On the way we will smake a stop for a photo session in deserted mining towns. Humberstone, located right next to Panamericana is probably the most famous one. There’s Santa Laura not much further away. The crash on the saltpeter market caused people to flee and that’s how those ghost towns were included in the UNESCO list.

Day 3 | Arica – Arequipa, 426 km

Only 15 km to the border. Long straight roads that led us through the desert start winding, volcanoes appear, and in the afternoon we reach today’s destination – Arequipa. The old town of this city is also on the UNESCO list. A beautiful example of colonial buildings. The architectural must-sees are definitely the Cathedral in the center and St. Catherine’s monastery.

Day 4 | Arequipa – Chivay, 163 km

Colca Canyon, together with Cotahuasi, is considered the deepest in the world (twice as deep as the Great Colorado Canyon). That’s where we’re heading.

Day 5 | Chivay – Cotahuasi 346 km

Since there are doubs whether the deepest canyon is Colca or Cotahuasi we will also visit the latter. We need to start our acclimatization before the altitudes ahead. Roads will become more and more winding. Just as the routes of condors soaring over our heads.

Day 6 | Cotahuasi – Abancay, 380 km

Beautiful start of the day – the Sipia waterfall first thing in the morning, before we head for the biggest Peruvian attractions. In the evening we reach Abancay. You’ll have a chance to find out that Peru is not only pisco, but also rum. This region is famous for its sugar cane production, so we have a good chance of success.

Day 7 | Abancay – Hydroelectrica, 220 km

We will take the Andean road for the adventurous, trying to keep away from the edge. Today’s destination – our base on Machu Picchu.

Day 8 | Machu Picchu

By train, bus or on foot? We’ve a whole previous evening to decide. Machu Pichhu is an icon of Peru and a definite must see. It will be like Zakopane on the May weekend, but we will make it. It really is worth it.

Day 9 | Hydroelectrica – Cuzco 231 km

Day 10 | Cuzco

Cuzco means the world’s belly button in the language of ketchua. After all, it is the ancient Incan capital. We will see the famous twelve-sided stone fitted into the wall of the Incan palace. And those who don’t want to waste time sleeping can go to the top of Seven Colours Mountain to see if it’s Photoshop that it owes its fame to.

Day 11 | Cuzco – Puno 386 km

Up the Ruta del Sol we go towards the highest lake in the world. To be totally honest we’ve seen some higher located ones, but we don’t want to pick up a fight with Wikipedia. A lot to see along the way too. For example the temples of Viracocha in Raqchi, which proves that Peru is not only Macchu Picchu.

Day 12 | Puno – La Paz, 290 km

Hola Bolivia. On the way to La Paz we  take some time to marvel at Pumapunk. This is one of many unusual places in Bolivia. Better than Stonehange. How did they do it?

Day 13 | La Paz – Coroico – Inquisivi 280 km

For some it will be the most important day. To tell you the truth, we’re not really impressed by the Camina de la Muerte, especially after the Peruvian roads,  but when you’re in La Paz, you have to drive through Coroico.  Then it’ll get a bit more difficult.

Day 14 | Inquisivi – Uyuni 500 km

Farewell to the jungle and although the road is admittedly quite boring, it’s also pretty fast, which we appreciate. We’ll get to the south of Bolivia in no time.

Day 15 | Uyuni

While Uyuni won’t make the top of the list of the most beautiful cities it does have a certain appeal. Mainly, the train cemetery and the marvellous Salar de Uyuni – the flattest and most surrealistic place on planet.

Day 16 | Uyuni – San Vincente – San Antonio de Lipez 250 km

From Uyuni we head south towards San Vincente. More than a hundred years ago the famous American bandits Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid died here. You can still find their graves in the local cemetery. Then we go west to San Antonio de Lipez. It is a real ghost-town, truly mystical. Located at an altitude of 4600 meters, the city was abandoned 50 years ago. There was no more silver. Unforgettable views remain though.

Day 17 | San Antonio de Lipez – Quetana Chico – Uturuncu 110 km

The next day on Bolivian altiplano and our goal rises on the horizon. Uturuncu volcano. It is the lowest six-thousand meter peak in America. But despite everything it is 6000 meters, so we’ll give it our best shot and in a truly alpine style. So far we’ve scored 100% of times. Let’s hope that our glorious average doesn’t take a major hit this time round.

Day 18 | Quetana Chico – Laguna Colorada 80 km

Ruta de lagunas is pure magic – each lake more beautiful than the previous one. Hot springs, flamingos and heavenly views. There will also be sand. Also unforgettable.

Day 19 | Laguna Colorada – Ollague 180 km

Get ready for the toughest day of the whole trip. So why are we going there? Because it will also be the most beautiful day. Difficult sandy section, not a living soul on the horizon.

Day 20 | Ollague – Iquique 320 km

It’s not just any liaison, but after the last day among the sands it’s be a nice, creamy piece of cake. And, after a three-week break there’s the ocean again! Life’s good!