2019 Karakoram Highway to India

Mountains in Pakistan. India motorcycle trip with Advfactory


All the way to INDIA on a motorcycle? It’s every biker’s dream, isn’t it?

The sad reality though, is that most of people who work 9-5 and have around 4 weeks of holiday can’t afford such a venture on their own. And that’s where ADVFACTORY steps in!

We can make this dream come true and all you need are just 20 days off! How come? We’ll just cut out most of the way through Russia and Kazakhstan, because, to be totally honest, it’s… boring. Hundreds of kilometres down the same landscape of neverending fields and forests, are just plain dull. Even Kazakh grasslands get monotonous after a two hour ride.

The fun part starts in Kyrgyzstan, that’s why we’ll head out from Bishkek. The first night we’ll stay in Tash Rabat, near to the Chinese border, then a night in Kashgar, 4 days in Xinjang, and a week in Pakistan, before we reach India. We’ll have 7 days there, and the trip will end in Chandigarh.

These roads and itinerary are designed for heavy bikes, such as GS 1200, but you can always try to go on a single. As for the roads – there’s a reasonable amount of offroad, but we won’t be leaving asphalt or gravel if not necessary. Accommodation mostly indoors.

If you’re interested, we’ve prepared a few offers to suit your needs.

1. Full package (4900 euro) – return transportation of your bike, accommodation and meals included, handling the Chinese bureaucracy, a guide and a support car throughout the trip.

2. This offer includes transportation to Bishkek, handling the Chinese bureaucracy and returning your bike from India. That way we can go through China together, and part ways in Pakistan. The bike will have to be ready for the return transportation until the end of August. The cost of this offer is 3100 Euro.

3. You can ride all the way to China on your own and join us there. The cost of this offer is 1180 USD per person.


EUR 4900 04.08.2019-24.08.2019 Start/finish: Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan)/Chandigarh (India) Difficulty: 3/10 Price includes:
  • accomodation + meals
  • support car all the way
  • guide
Price does not include:
  • airline tickets
  • fuel
  • alcohol

Day 1 | Bishkek – Tash Rabat

We set out from Bishkek in the morning and reach Tash Rabat in the evening. It’s a beautiful caravanserai hidden in the mountains, 15 kilometres away from the main route leading to China. Very good asphalt road all the way. Night at an altitude of 3100 meters.

Day 2 | Tash Rabat – Kashgar

We head for the Torugart Pass and continue towards the Chinese border. On the other side there’s our local guide to accompany us for the next few days. The first night in China in a hotel in Kashgar.

Day 3 | Kaszgar

No bikes today. We deal with Chinese bureaucracy, wait for registration and driving licenses. But fear not, no time will be wasted. Meanwhile, we sightsee the remains of the old Kashgar – definitely worth it! This city has been here for thousands of years. It was a certain stop for everyone travelling the Silk Road.

Day 4 | Kaszgar – Taszkurgan

From Kashgar, we head south to the famous Karakorum Highway towards Pakistan. On the way, we stop at the Karakul lake to pay homage to the father of the ice mountains – Muztagh Ata. It is massive – 7546 meter high. Despite its intimidating height it’s also considered one of the easiest in the world. And according to us, also one of the prettiest. Night in Tashkurgan.

Day 5 | Tashkurgan – Sost

From Tashkurgan we continue further south along a good asphalt road. We crawl up until we reach the Khunjarab pass. Pakistan. From this point we must keep to the left side of the road.

Day 6 | Sost – Gilgit

A ride through upper Hunza through a whole lotta tunnels along Lake Attabad. There’s a magnificent Cathedral, and most definitely not like anything you might have seen already! It’s an amazing mountain range near the village of Pasu.

Day 7 | Gilgit – Skardu

Ready for a fun ride? It’s not long, but it’s worth it! Just one turn from the Karakorum Highway and we find ourselves on a narrow side road, a wall on the right an abyss on the left! Almost no traffic, but if there’s a truck, well… let’s just say – it might get really exciting! 200 km and 6 hours of this natural roller-coaster ride. Anyway, see for yourself: https://www.dangerousroads.org/asia/pakistan/4186-gilgit-skardu-road.html

Day 8 | Skardu – Gilgit

The fun ride continues. The same road, different views, but still – amazing!

Day 9 | Gilgit – Naran

We leave the KKH and go down a much narrower road leading to Naran. This is a special place, where three giant mountain ranges meet: Hindu Kush, Karakoram and Himalayas. A beautiful day, breath-taking views.

Day 10 | Naran – Rawalpindi

Twists, bends and turns. Asphalt roads and moderate speed all the way. As we approach the capital, the traffic is growing. Night at a hotel.

Day 11 | Rawalpindi – Armitsar

Pakistan and India, similar and yet very different countries. 2,900 kilometers of the border and only one road crossing – in addition this crossing only operates for 8 hours a day. We get to experience the rituals accompanying the closing of the border and then we move forward until Amritsar to see the magnificent Golden Temple of Sikhs.

Day 12 | Amritsar – Patnitop

Tien Shan in Kyrgyzstan, Pamir in China, Karakorum in Pakistan, now it’s time for the Himalayas. The ride on the left side of the road continues, so you’ve probably got used to it by now. What might come as a surprise is definitely the… unique Indian driving style. Once we traverse India’s longest tunnel (almost 10 km) we reach Patnitop, at 2000 m a.s.l.

Day 13 | Patnitop – Kishtwar

We leave the main road leading to Srinagar and for the next three days follow the river Chanab. Slightly smaller traffic but more and more impressive views.

Day 14 | Kishtwar– Killar

It’s safe to assume most bikers have probably seen a youtube clip with motorcycles riding along a rock ledge high above the river. Today is the day we live it! Prepare for serious doses of adrenaline!

Day 15 | Killar – Sissu

The ride along the Chanab continues. Thousands of turns and very careful ride on the rock ledges. We bet an Old Monk to anyone who can go faster than 30 km/h.

Day 16 | Sissu – Manali

Time for the famous Rohtang Pass. Seems not very far away, but the traffic is getting heavier and you definitely need to stay careful on the Himalayan roads. Drivers believe in reincarnation here, we not so much… Only asphalt, but the views are spectacular. Night at a hotel.

Day 17 | Manali

Manali has a lot to offer. Ganja everywhere…

Day 18 | Manali – Shimla

Finally, we are heading for civilization – Shimla was built by the British, because its climate is similar to the British weather. There are plenty of British buildings to sightsee. As for the roads – an entire day on winding asphalt roads.

Day 19 | Shimla – Chandigarh

Chandigarh is new India. This modern city designed by Courbusier is the capital of two Indian states – Harayana and Punjab. Punjabi cuisine is the best in India. Prepare for a great evening!

Day 20 | Chandigarh

As we leave the mountains our trip comes to an end. We pack the equipment and say our farewells – Delhi only 300 km and a 6 hour bus ride away.