In 2018 our company opens new destinations in Asia: Mongolia and Vladivostok. We hope that they will meet with your warm welcome.

Vehicle transport is the main activity next to the organization of the bike trips by the Advfactory. We can take your motorcycle, quad or car anywhere you want. Individual transport is an individual price. In addition, we send in the world our containers and lorries where your vehicles travel in appropriate and safe condition. In 2017, we transported over 400 from 1machines from 14 European countries.

We regularly organize shipments to Asia, Iceland (Reykjavik), South and North America. We have been doing this for years, never cancelled our transport for any reason. In particular because of lack of those who could not have participated. You may plan your travel related to transportation dates below.

The rules are simple: the given price is ultimate. It is not going to increase any extra costs associated with packadging, storage or customs clearance. No matter where you live in Europe we can collect your motorcycle from a garage, and it will be waiting for you in a fixed place – turn the key and off we go. For the transport itself we do not need original documents or keys.

Worried about the safety of your pride and joy with us? Check out feedback page: Feedback

Timetable to/from Europe


to the destination
one way
both ways
Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek)05.06.2018900EUR1200EUR
5.07.2018900EUR1200 EUR
Georgia (Tbilisi)7.06.201806.07.2018
Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek)03.07.2018
Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek)03,08.2018900EUR1200EUR
Iceland (Reykjavik)17.07.2018900EUR1200EUR
Iceland (Reykjavik)15.08.2018900EUR1200EUR
Mongolia (Ulan Bator)31.07.201809.20181050EUR1500EUR
Chile (Valparaiso)28.12.2018
Canada (Vancouver)25.04.2019
Iceland (Reykjavik)23.07.201920.08.2019
Mongolia(Ulan Bator)30.07.20194.09.20191050EUR1500EUR
Chile (Valparaiso)27.12.20194.02.20201100EUR1680EUR

Price including transportation from/to Poland, crating and all custom fees. We can pick up your bike from any point of Europe! After your trip we can deliver your bike straight to your garage.

The number of places is obviously limited by the size of the lorry or container. We work on the firtst came – first served principle

At an additional cost, you can pick up your motorcycle from any location in Europe.


Timetable to/from Vancouver/Canada


to the destination
one way
both ways
Chile (Valparaiso)28.12.201828.01.20191200 USD1850 USD
Chile (Valparaiso)26.01.20191.03.20191200 USD1850 USD
Poland 1.06.20191.09.20191350 USD1950 USD
Canada (Vancouver)30.06.201930.09.20191350 USD1950 USD



FAQs common to all sorts of transports

Where should I deliver the vehicle?

Our warehouse is located in Łowicz, in Bufamco, 9, Małszyce St.. You should bring your vehicle there.

Can you pick up my motorcycle / quad from the garage?

Yes, but it involves additional costs. In case of Poland it is 350 zł for a motorcycle.

Can I carry luggage / panniers with a motorcycle?

Yes, you can transport everything you need to travel. You will get a detailed list of what you can take from us. All bags should be waterproof and be clearly marked with the motorcycle’s registration number. As long as the width of your motorcycle and its panniers does not exceed 100 cm you do not need to dismantle panniers and we will not expect extra charges. If your kit is wider then you will pay 15 Euro for each luggage.

How to prepare a motorcycle for travel?

Wash the motorcycle, remove the panniers if the width of the motorcycle with trunks is greater than 100 cm, the tank can be the minimum amount of fuel. Remove the windscreen if it is an accessory windscreen. On any bag, case, windscreen MUST be a sticker, information about the number of the vehicle to which this luggage is accompanied

Who will be packing?

Packaging is our business, you give us a motorcycle, we are responsible for its proper fit in the cage or on the platform.

Do I have to leave the keys and documents?

Keys only if the trunks in your kit are wider than 100 cm (or the central coffer reaches up to 135 cm) and you can not pull the luggage without the key. Original documents are needed only for transport to Georgia.

Are motorcycles insured while trnsporting?

Yes, all vehicles are insured to their full value.

When can I buy a ticket?

If we asked you for an uprfront [payment or emailed the content of the contract, it means that the trip is confirmed and you can buy tickets.

When can I pick up a motorcycle at the destination?

Whenever the time specified in the contract is the time of delivery, when buying a ticket, however, consider that in some countries the magazines may be closed on Sunday and even on Saturday.

What happens if vehicle got damaged?

We take care of your motorcycle, but these are long trips and everything can happen. In case of damage we follow the agreement. You are required to inform us by email about the damage within 7 days of delivery of the motorcycle and provide us with a photographic documentation confirming this unpleasant incident. You should also note this in the CMR shipping note if your motorcycle is delivered to your designated address.

South America in detail – South America FAQ!

You bring in the vehicle in Poland and the documents we need, and you receive it in South America good to go. The thing is to prepare it for transport and any customs procedures in the European Union and South America.
The price includes a comprehensive service and includes everything – packing, transportation, port fees, storage etc.

 Where, how, for how much?

Container packing takes place in Łowicz, Poland. From there the containers are transported by land to Hamburg and further to the Chilean port of Valparaiso. Transportation time is about a month. Valparaiso is located about 120 km from Santiago, where you can fly by plane. Buses depart from Valparaiso Airport. Valparaiso is located in a warehouse located about 12 kilometers from the city.

On return, everything is done in the same way. The motorcycles are packed with special metal cages, each one is one meter of width, so almost every touring motorbike fits.

Vehicles are transported in a container. The container is sealed and no one can open it up to the target warehouse. Contrary to popular opinion, containers are watertight and we did not observed the vehicles ever had any contact with seawater.

The cost of motorbike transportation is 1600 Euro. For a quad or a car please email us

What can you carry in addition to the vehicle?

Most motorbike trip related accessories: tents, camping equipment (no gas tanks), tools and motorbike clothing. The rest must fly with you. In a separate document you will receive from us a special list of effects to take with you.

Visas, tickets, driving licenses, vaccinations, etc.

Citizens of the European Union do not need visas to South American countries. Carnet de Passage is not required. Compulsory vaccinations are only required in French Guiana.

Our driving licenses are honoured, but theoretically you should also have an international driving license, which you can easily produce in your local communications department.

Prices in South America

This is a large and varied continent. In Chile and Argentina, travel costs are similar to Central European realities. Peru and Bolivia are much cheaper.

Plane tickets

To Chile, most often via Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid or Milan. Very good price for Santiago is less than 800 USD normal is 1000 USD. More than 1300 USD is already expensive.

What currency to be taken?

US Dollars or Euros. Chile is a civilized country and almost everywhere you pay a card and without problems exchange currency. In Argentina there are always problems with money exchange and it is worth to try Argentinean peso already in Chile.

Hotels in Valparaiso

We will not book accommodation in Valparaiso. Everyone has a different budget and other preferences. You will find all the accommodation categories on No problems should occur, of course, excluding New Year’s Eve… That is why it is worth to book earlier. In Valparaiso a parking lot is not easy to find. Our experience shows that a reasonable network hotel, with good parking, is notably located Ibis.

Maps, gps and tracks

As for the maps we recommend Freytag & Berndt, also those from ITMB are not bad. When it comes to GPS the best map is a free map created by GPS freaks from South America. You will find it at
We also traveled with free OSM for Garmin and it also works well. This first map is non-rotatable. As far as tracks are concerned we will be keen to share our route from last year with you. You can also use Wikiloc tracks. There’s quite a lot there…

Route planning

Remember that South America is twice as large as Europe. When planning a trip, think you are coming to Europe and want to spend two weeks here. It is impossible to visit Greece, Spain and tour the Baltic. There are fast routes in America like Ruta 5 or Ruta 40, which you can do confidently and 1,000 km per day, but mountain roads are demanding and 250 km on the gravel will be challenging.

Phones etc.

It is wise to get a local SIM card. Internet in Chile is almost everywhere. The other countries are slightly worse in this respect.

Security, camping etc.

Except the suburbs of large cities, it is generally safe. We have met with no manifestation of hostility. But watch out for thieves. The locals complied with us non stop. Despite this, two of our colleagues had their backpacks at the gas station stolen. Of course, together with passports, iphones etc…
You can theoretically go wild anywhere. Do not expect in such a place green meadow and humming stream though. Especially in Chile. Atacama is truly one of the most dry places in the world. You always have to have a supply of water and drink plenty of it. It is advisable to exercise vigilance and common sense.

Hotels, fuel

As for hotels, it’s a plenty. From 5 stars to low budget. Prices are similar or slightly lower than in PL. The most expensive country is Chile, the cheapest Bolivia. Argentina in the middle, but closer to Chile.

Fuel cheaper than in PL. About 1.2 USD per liter. In Bolivia there are two prices, for the locals and tourists. You can always try to hackle.


FAQ Asia or how we do it in Kyrgyzstan!

You bring the vehicle in Poland and the documents we require, and you receive it in the middle of Asia ready for the road. The thing is to prepare it for transport and any customs procedures in the European Union and Kyrgyzstan.
Our price includes a comprehensive service and includes everything: packaging, transportation, any fees, storage, etc.

Packaging will take place in Łowicz, Poland. Pick up equipment in Kyrgyzstan in the capital of Bishkek, our base is Salut Hotel at 1, Gogola St. At the return, everything is the same in the same places.
The motorcycles will be packed in special metal cages, each one is a meter of width, so any touring motorbike will fit into it.

Vehicles are transported in low loader lorries. The trailer is sealed and no one can open it until it reaches the destination.

What can you carry in addition to the vehicle?

Most motorbike-related travel effects: tents, camping equipment (except gas tanks), motorbike tools and accessories. The rest must fly with you. In a separate document you will receive from us a special list of effects to take with you.

Visas, tickets, driving licenses, vaccinations, etc.

European citizens do not need visas to Kyrgyzstan. Carnet de passage is not required. There are also no compulsory vaccinations. Our driving licenses are honored, but theoretically you should also have an international driving license. We need a visa to Tajikistan: fortunately it is done electronically:

From 2017 you can also visit Kazakhstan without a visa. You will need a Uzbek visa if you want to visit Samarkand or Bukhara.

Hotels in Bishkek

We will not book for you at the hotels in Bishkek. Everyone has a different budget and other preferences. However, we recommend “our” hotel in Bishkek at 1, Gogola St. This is the place where your bikes will be waiting. Costs are 25-35 USD per night together with breakfast.

Plane tickets

To Bishkek one usually flies via Moscow, Istanbul or Kiev. The cheapest tickets are purchased at Pegasus. Other option is Aeroflot or Turkish Airlines. Very good price for Bishkek is about 250 Euro, normal is 4000 Euro. More than 5000 Euro is already expensive.

What currency?

Definitely US dollars printed after 2000. Take only denominations of 50 and 100 USD. Smaller will be accepted reluctantly and at a worse exchange rate. Banknotes can not have interruptions, deletions, stamps etc… Cards will only work in a few places (in Bishkek, Osh, Khorogu).

Phones etc.

At the airport exit will be the girls who give away SIM cards. Take them with you (cards, not girls). This card can be recharged in any store either by means of a vending machine or by cash at the seller’s…

Taxi from airport to the town

A taxi from the airport to the city costs $ 10 (or equivalent). You can ask the taxi driver to stop to exchange money – there are 24-hour open exchange offices in town.

Maps, gps and tracks

We recommend Freytag & Berndt, also good are those from Gizi Map, the ITMB a little worse. As far as GPS is concerned, free OSM for Garmin is enough. You can also use Wikiloc tracks. There’s pretty much there…

Route planning

If you want to travel individually, take into account that Kyrgyzstan itself is 2/3 of Poland. And if you put it on the table and iron it will certainly be bigger. Everywhere there are mountains and roads are demanding, even 250 kilometers can be a challenge. The exception is the M41 highway from Sary Tash to Bishkek – you can plan quite long stages on it.

Cards, money, fuel and other things

You will not pay anywhere with a card. You can only use it at ATM. We recommend refueling at Gazprom and Partner Neft stations (with blue and navy blue logo). It’s a bit more expensive, but the locals politely stand in line. Cheaper stations are usually empty. Fuel cheaper than in Europe. About 0.7 USD per liter.

Security, camping etc.

Generally, it is safe, except for Bishkek, where you can find fake militiamen who will swipe your ID in front of you and want to do a search, search your wallet for drugs or whatever. Do not be fooled, just pour them down or even take them with a phone or pull out the phone and say you call the embassy… This helps.

Sometimes the police will stop you, they are harmless. Or you will pay $ 10 for a bigger offense. More would be a rip off – do not pay. Driving drunk is a problem. We disagree and do not go into details.


We recommend to insure for the cost of medical treatment, small amount, because Central Asia countries are cheap. Most importantly, the insurance does not have any exemptions for riding a motorbike and provides transportation to the country in the event of an accident.