Kenya, safari and 250ccm adventure riding


Black Africa has long been on our minds. We made trips to Morocco for many years, but this time we wanted Africa with lions, giraffes and baobabs. Black Africa with a warm ocean and good food. The pandemic is relatively gentle with African countries, and our March study tour proved that Kenya has its charm on a motorcycle. No, it’s not too hot in Kenya in June. Kenya is located on the equator and temperatures are similar throughout the year. It will be after the rainy season in June, it will be even greener than in our March photos.

We will ride KIBO 250 motorcycles. These are the best motorcycles that are available on the Kenyan market and we checked them by covering a total of nearly 30,000 km without big problems.

With this trip, we will show you Africa in many ways: real, and therefore a bit uncomfortable and a bit luxurious. A bit asphalt and a bit of Africa with roads leading to the horizon. It will be Africa well served, seasoned with adventure, sand and red African soil. But be warned: this party is not for those who never leave the asphalt and will miss five-star hotels.

The distances on this tour were selected according to the attractiveness of the route and the capabilities of the motorcycle. The “technical” car, which will transport our luggage, travels with us all the time.


2640 € 18.06.2021-30.06.2021 Start/finish: Nairobi Difficulty: 5/10 Price includes:
  • all accommodation + breakfast, and during the stay in the parks full board
  • car and mechanic assistance along the entire route
  • english speaking guide
  • KIBO 250 motorcycle rental
  • all admissions to national parks
  • AMREF insurance to ensure air transport to the hospital in the event of an accident
Price does not include:
  • Flight ticket
  • fuel
  • alcohol
  • other meals
  • safari cost (about 200 USD incl. diving)

Day 1 | Arrival to Nairobi

Arrival in Nairobi in the evening. Accommodation in a hotel with a swimming pool.

Day 2 | Nairobi - Naivasha 100 km, asphalt

After breakfast, money exchange, phone cards purchase and motorbike pickup. Start from Nairobi,towards Lake Naivasha. A familiarization with the rules of the Kenyan roads.

Overnight in luxury tents by the lake. A boat trip and admire the fauna of the lake. The first contact with the amazing Kenyan nature.

Day 3 | Around Naivasha, about 100 km...

We stay in the same place, in the morning we take a trip to Hells Gate, located right next to Naivasha National Park, and in the afternoon – for those willing – an off-road tour of the lake.


Day 4 | Naivasha - Talek 240 km

This day will be long. From Naivasha, we will go off-road through the mountains towards the Kenyan savannah. It will be a very off-road episode, full of surprises in the form of surfaces and animals. Overnight in a beautiful camp next to the Masai Mara reserve.

Day 5 | Safari

We will go on safari before dawn. Our guide will be an experienced local Maasai who knows the park very well. Lions, cheetahs, elephants, zebras, hippos, warthogs, giraffes, buffalos, leopards. You’ve never seen anything like it. Safari in Mara will be the greatest wildlife adventure you’ve ever had …

Day 6 | Talek - Limuru 210 km

We will start off-road along the park, but in fact it will be a purely asphalt day crossing. The reward will be a charming place where we stay. This is an essential stop on the way to Kilimanjaro.

Day 7 | Limuru - Kilimanjaro area 240 km

We will bypass Nairobi avoiding the chaos of this city and change the scenery by starting the series of red African roads. The second, off-road part of the day will be a milestone in your motorcycle life. Driving through the bush we will get closer to Kilimanjaro. We do not promise that it will be seen – it usually appears only in the evening and in the morning, but maybe we will be lucky this time. Overnight at the camp.

Day 8 | Amboseli National Park

It’s an elephant park, elephants don’t really like motorbikes and that’s why we’ll visit it in a car. The elephants are easy to spot, but the black rhinoceros are not as our main target this day.

Day 9 | Kilimanjaro - Taita Hills, 210 km

We will ride beautiful but bumpy road along the Tanzanian border to Jipa Lake, from there through Tsavo West National Park we will go to Taita Hills. Be careful, in March, really large animals crossed our road. Taita Hills is just outside the park, but animals don’t respect boundaries and come to the hotel’s drinkers every day.

Day 10 | Taita Hills - Watamu, 270 km

Time for another Africa, we will go towards the coast. It will be getting warmer, we will have an off-road adventure in the bush. The prize will be the sand of Watamu Beach and the evening coolness from the ocean. We stay in an cozy place, away from flashy resorts full of tourists.

Day 11 | Underwater safari

Watamu is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Africa, and the reef, although not as colorful as in Egypt, is also worth submerging. Those who have skills will plunge into the depths, the others will go through the intro in the pool first and go into the ocean a bit shallower. Afternoon visit to the snake farm.

Day 12 | Watamu - Mombassa - Nairobi

We will say goodbye to the beach and the coastal road, we will go to the port of Mombassa, leave our motorbikes there and go to Narobi by a modern train. Overnight stay at a hotel.

Day 13 | Nairobi and flight back

Nairobi is not amazing, but the flight are in the evening. Anyway visit to the museum located in the former home of Karen Blixen is a must. Do you remember “Out of Africa”? This is how we say goodbye …