2024. Karakoram Highway is very boring

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We had many Central Asian states in our offer, including Afghanistan, but Pakistan was problematic for us. And finally, in 2019, we made an expedition to India through China and Pakistan. And Pakistan was the most beautiful country on the route. So we decided to come back, the trips through Pakistan in 2021 and 2022 provided us with great impressions. So we included Pakistan in our calendar, resigning from the beautiful, but already very touristic Ladakh. Pakistan is still real.

The Karakoram Highway is the dream of many motorcyclists. And rightly so, because it’s a beautiful road. However, we had time to look into a few side valleys and only what we saw there convinced us that this country is the perfect choice. Amazing nature and super hospitable people create a great mix of positive motorcycle adventure. So this time we invite you to the Himalayas, Karakoram and Pamir at the same time.

We start from Skardu, the city where expeditions to the highest mountains of Pakistan start – K2, Broad Pik and Gasherbrums. We will end this party there as well. On the way, there are plenty of attractions waiting for us: we will see the eight-thousand-high Nanga Parbat and Rakaposhi – the highest mountain in the world. We will drop by Khunjarab Pass to look at China. We will take you to Shimshal so that you know what the most beautiful roads in the world look like. And along the way there will be mountains, glaciers, lakes, old forts and good food. Last but not least – we are planning a one-day trekking, not just any trekking, because we will go to the Base Camp at Nanga Parbat – the ninth highest mountain in the world.

We will do it “lightly”, because the luggage will follow us in the support vehicle. The route does not require any special motorcycling skills, but it is dedicated to people with an adventurous spirit: we will ride on the left side of the road and the chasms will be really huge. However, this will take place at low speeds, so there will be time to stop and admire.

Last but not least – it is safe. Travel educates.  It is possible to join the team as a passenger in a car.

Accommodation in hotels and guesthouses.


2540 € - Suzuki GS or 2840 € - TTR 250 or DRZ400 15.09.2024-26.09.2024 Start/finish: Skardu/Skardu Difficulty: 5/10 Price includes:
  • accomodation
  • 3 meals a day
  • tickets to national parks
  • support vehicle
  • guide
  • border permits
  • bike rental
  • mechanic
  • letter of invitation and visa support
Price does not include:
  • air tickets
  • alcohol
  • fuel
  • visa

Day 1 | Skardu-Khaplu

We’re leaving early, so you’ll have to be in Skardu the day before. Skardu is a small town between Karakoram and the Himalayas – the traffic there is light and there will be no problem with getting used to driving on the left side of the road. We will travel along the Indus towards India. On the way, we will look at a spectacular waterfall, and in the afternoon we will reach Khaplu, the capital of the former principality.

Day 2 | Khaplu-Hushe-Khaplu

Everyone has heard of K2, but where the hell is K1? At Hushe! And we’re going to go see the mountain. Also known as Masherbrum – it rises beautifully above Hushe. This is the last village in the Karakoram where many famous Pakistani climbers come from. We provide a short but attractive journey through space and time…


Day 3 | 14. Khaplu - Skardu - Arando

We will take the same road back to Skardu and ride towards Arando, another last village in Karakorum, but in a different valley. The views will crush. Swimming in Blind Lake on the way.

Day 4 | Arando - Deosai

We will leave the Karakoram and enter the Himalayas. A beautiful road will lead us to the Deosai National Park, place called Little Mongolia. We will spend the night on this beautiful plateau located at an altitude of 4000 meters. We don’t promise it will be warm, we promise it will be extremely nice.

Day 5 | Deosai - Fairy Meadow

A long day! We have to leave Deosai, refuel at Astore, take the cliff road to Karakorum Highway and… swap motorbikes to jeeps. Why not by motorcycle? Well, you’ll understand on the spot… From Tatu, we’ll go further on foot. Only two hours, if someone is fast, maybe 3 if is slow… If someone really can’t, we’ll arrange a horse, but for a special fee. We will not describe the views, because they are indescribable.

Day 6 | Fairy Meadow - Nanga Parbat base camp - Fairy Meadow.

From the fairy-tale place, we will go towards the naked mountain. For trekking or, if you prefer another word, for a walk. And if someone really doesn’t want to, they can watch the views from our base with their mouths open.

Day 7 | Fairy Meadow - Gilgit - Karimabad

Around noon we will return to our motorbikes at the Indus and drive north on the Karakoram Highway. We’ll stop for a while at Junction Point. This is the only such place on earth – the three highest mountain chains meet here: the Himalayas, Karakoram and the Hindu Kush.

The Karakoram Highway is smooth and we can move along it quite quickly. After seeing Rakaposhi, we will reach Karimabad. What a view today…

Day 8 | Karimabad - Hoper - Karimabad

The area around Karimabad has a lot to offer – the view from Eagle Nest is spectacular, then we will visit the Hopper Valley to look at the glacier from above. And in the afternoon we will drink good coffee in the bazaar and visit the Baltit fort in Karimabad.

Day 9 | Karimabad - Sost- Chipursan - Sost

We will discover the Karakoram Highway passing through its most beautiful parts. Through the tunnels along Lake Attabad we will get to the other side of the mountains. We will admire the Passu cones and turn for a moment into the Chapursan valley, so that you can feel the atmosphere of the side roads leading from the valleys to the Karakoram Highway.

Day 10 | Sost - Khunjarab - Passu

We are already a bit acclimatized, so it’s time for the highest point on our way – the Khunjarab Pass 4,700 meters is the border with China. It is not the most beautiful of the passes we know, but the road to it makes a great impression. It is, after all, one of the wonders of the world. At least motorcycle world…

Day 11 | Passu - Shimshal - Gulmit

If you think you’ve seen it all, the road to Shimshal will change your mind. 53 kilometers were built over a dozen years. The road is on the list of the most dangerous, but wrongly in our opinion. However, it should definitely be among the most beautiful.

Day 12 | Gulmit - Gilgit

A relatively short distance today  and in addition the road we have already traveled, but it’s time to get even with the weather. You didn’t see Rakaposhi the first time? We’ll see that today. It will also be time to visit bazaars and buy gifts.

Day 13 | Gilgit - Skardu

It used to be a road that took all day. In 2021, perfect asphalt was laid over most of it and now only the views will stop us from reaching our goal in 3 hours. On the way, we will take another look at Nanga and visit one of the highest deserts in the world.