Africa can be loved (sold out)


This is the next edition of the event that we organized in 2022 during difficult, COVID times. We enjoyed it so much that we are returning to Africa. We will start the tour in February in South Africa (Cape Town) and finish after 30 days in Mombasa. We will stick to the asphalt, but it won’t be a strict adherence. Where justified, we will ride on gravel roads. However, we are generally planning the route so that it can be covered by a twin-cylinder motorcycle with a passenger.

We will start the event in South Africa and head north through Namibia, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, to Kenya. The route will be about 8000 kilometers long. We know what the rainy season is, and we know that we will encounter it somewhere… So, it will be a bit wet at times, but we promise it will always be warm. Along the way, we will visit the most important capes, see the Fish Canyon in Namibia, gaze at the Victoria Falls, descend into the Ngorongoro Crater, and count the animals in the Serengeti, but we do not promise that we will find time to lie by the ocean. The event will require participants to have a CdP permit, and we will help you obtain it, but it will require freezing a certain amount for 3-4 months. We are aiming for hotels, lodges, and guesthouses, but we are taking tents with us – Africa is unpredictable, and we have many borders ahead of us.

For those interested only in transportation, we remind you that this option is also possible. The price of transporting just the motorcycle on the route PL-RSA, Kenya – PL – is 2850 EUR. The Quad is 3250 EUR. Everything is included in the cost (packing, customs clearance, storage, etc.).


7550 EUR 26.02.2024-28.03.2024 Start/finish: Cape Town/Mombasa Difficulty: 3/10 Price includes:

Transport of a motorcycle from Poland to South Africa (RPA) and from Kenya to Poland

Accommodations along the route (hotels, guesthouses, lodges)

All breakfasts.

All ferry fees

Assistance of a vehicle equipped with tools, diagnostic software, a satellite phone, spare water and fuel, a first-aid kit, and spare parts. The driver will have mechanical knowledge and experience.

Expedition manager

GPX tracks and maps for Garmin devices.

Photographic documentation

Price does not include:

Cost of flights

Cost of visas

Cost of safari

Meals other than those indicated above

Motorcycle insurance in Africa

Participant insurance

Day 1 | Cape Town - Good Hope Cap - Cape Town150 km

We know that Cape of Good Hope is not the southernmost tip of Africa, but we also visited Cape Agulhas, and it doesn’t compare in beauty to Good Hope. A day on the asphalt to get acquainted with Africa and to remind ourselves of the rules of driving on the left side of the road. Besides that, we still have to visit the dominating Table Mountain above the city, see the town hall, and the seaside promenade.


Day 2 | Cape Town - Calvinia 400 km

It doesn’t matter that we start by the ocean. Advfactory loves mountains – we will find them without any trouble even on the African continent. We will ride a picturesque mountain road through Cederberg and arrive in Calvinia in the evening.

Day 3 | Calvinia - Augrabies Falls

The Oranje River is the longest in South Africa, stretching over 2000 kilometers. It forms a natural border between South Africa and Namibia. Augrabies hosts the largest waterfalls on it. The national park is definitely worth spending a few hours to explore the place, which locals called the Great Noise. Overnight stay at a charming lodge

Day 4 | Augrabies - Grunau

We enter Namibia. You will quickly realize that it is a different country. Vast spaces, very wide gravel roads, and the omnipresent sun from which you will find no escape.

Day 5 | Grunau - Fish River Canyon

Something absolutely unmissable. One of the largest canyons in the world and one of the most beautiful views you can encounter in Africa. 160 kilometers long, 27 kilometers wide, and 500 meters deep. But these numbers absolutely do not convey what there is to see.

Day 6 | Fish River - Sesriem

If you enjoyed the canyon, you will be amazed by Deadvlei. I think anyone who has even a little interest in Africa has seen a photo of the dead forest among the dunes. Once, in the center of the Namib Desert, trees rustled.

Day 7 | Sesriem

That day we will go to the famous Dune 45, a dune whose age is estimated at several million years. The Namib is the oldest and one of the driest deserts in the world. This day will be a paradise for photography enthusiasts.

Day 8 | Sesriem - Swakopmund

The road to the Atlantic will take us a few hours. Along the way, we will cross the Tropic of Capricorn and the lunar landscape of the Kuiseb River canyon. We will also stop at Dune No. 7, a famous dune where you can test your off-road skills.

Day 9 | Swakopmund - Spitzkoppe

We will drive along the Atlantic all the way to Cape Cross, where we will bid a final farewell to the Atlantic and head towards Spitzkoppe. Along the way, we will admire Namibia’s highest peak – Konigstein.

Day 10 | Spitzkoppe - Etosha

After admiring Spitzkoppe in the morning, we will head towards Etosha National Park. March is not the ideal time to visit this park, but to be so close and not take advantage of it?

Day 11 | Etosha


Day 12 | Etosha - Okacuito

Today we will head towards Caprivi Strip, a 400-kilometer long and 40 km wide piece of Namibia. Named after the Chancellor of Germany, this piece of land was sold by the British to the Germans in exchange for Zanzibar. The Germans wanted to have access to the Indian Ocean through the Zambezi River – they did not know that the Victoria Falls were in the way. It is rather impassable for anyone. Along the way, we will see the world’s largest piece of iron. The Hoba meteorite flew to us tens of thousands of years ago and somehow strangely landed without creating a crater.”


Day 13 | Okacuito - Katima Mulillo

That day we will drive through the Caprivi Strip between Angola and Botswana. After a few dozen kilometers, we will take a look at the Epupa Falls. Waterfalls, not a waterfall – because there are as many as 38 waterfalls on the Kunene River, all close to each other.

Day 14 | Katima Mulilo - Wodospady Wiktorii

Katima is located at the end of the world. From our lodge on the Zambezi, we will take a boat ride to observe the animals from the banks of this incredible river. In the afternoon, we will cross the border with a 900-meter bridge and find ourselves in Zambia. A good road will lead us to Livingstone.

Day 15 | Wodospady Wiktorii

The Victoria Falls are twice as wide and twice as high as Niagara Falls. Today we will hold the ‘Mr. Wet T-shirt’ competition – in the air near the waterfalls, there is a mist composed of tons of water. You may read in some places that the best view of the waterfalls is from the Zimbabwe side, but this is only true during the dry season. We will be there in March when the best views are from the Zambia side

Day 16 | Wodospady Wiktorii - Lusaka

Time is running, so we’ll be in pursuit as well. Zambia is a transit country for us, where we have to make up kilometers. We will drive to Lusaka on the main road.

Day 17 | Lusaka - Chipata

Continuing the traverse of Zambia, but we will briefly visit Mozambique.

Day 18 | Chipata - Nkhotakota

We enter Malawi and head to the lake for which this country is famous. Lake Nyasa belongs to the group of the Great African Lakes. It is the fifth largest lake in the world in terms of volume – with a depth of over 700 meters. And generally, it is considered a wonder of the world, a reserve, and UNESCO all combined.

Day 19 | Nkhotakota - Chitimba

That day we will travel 350 kilometers along the road by the lake. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in Africa, but it boasts the fact that people here are the most friendly, and the country is considered one of the most pleasant and colorful.

Day 20 | Chitimba

Rest, beach, swimming. We will try not to get on the motorcycles.

Day 21 | Chitimba - Igawa

We enter Tanzania. We have many borders to cross in Africa, but this one will be the most time-consuming.

Day 22 | Igawa - Dodoma 475 km

The road to Dodoma is not a very interesting transit route. But we have an interesting alternative. However, we will decide on it during the tour.


Day 23 | Dodoma - Karatu 400 km

The most beautiful things in Tanzania are located in the north. A day without attractions, but we are heading towards the biggest ones.

Day 24 | Kratu - Ngorongoro - Karatu

Ngorongoro is like a zoo. Safari in this place is devoid of the risk that there won’t be any animals and that ‘maybe we will see.’ It is a closed volcanic caldera almost completely devoid of high vegetation. Tens of thousands of animals are available to visitors every day. Many of them are eaten every day, and new ones are born every day. It is the best safari we can experience in our life.

Day 25 | Karatu - Shimbwe Meadows 240

That day we will spend the night on the slope of the highest mountain in Africa. Shimwe Meadows has an incredible climate and even better views.

Day 26 | Shimbwe Meadows - Taita Hills 125 km

We need to get up early because Kilimanjaro is capricious and sometimes peeks out from the clouds only for a few minutes in the morning. Later, we will visit an ecological coffee plantation with our host and head to Kenya. This is the last border on our route, and it will go smoothly. We will leave behind the capricious mountain and drive through Tsavo Park towards our hotel. We are driving on asphalt, but through the park. Watch out for giraffes and elephants!

Day 27 | Taita Hills - Watamu 270 km

That day we will reach the Indian Ocean. We will just take a quick look at the Nairobi – Mombasa road so that you understand how little a motorcycle means on African roads. Later, we will sneak along the ocean on the side roads. Watamu is a nice seaside resort with beautiful beaches where we will rest after the hardships of our journey.

Day 28 | Watamu

Beach, snorkeling, pizza, wine, pool, beer

Day 29 | Watamu

Beach, snorkeling, pizza, wine, pool, beer

Having extra days at the end can serve as buffers in case of any unexpected issues along the way

Day 30 | Watamu - Mombassa 110 km

A few dozen kilometers along the coast to the warehouse where we will leave our motorcycles.