The Silk Road

for Heavy Weight Champions


2019/07/14 08:00:00


1620 EUR + transport of the motorbike (return 1050 EUR)

Motorbike passenger 1120 EUR, car passenger 900 EUR

16 - 28 July 2018

Start/Finish: Biskek

Difficulty: 5/10

Price includes

  • accomodation + meals
  • support car all the way
  • guide

Price does not include

  • airline tickets
  • fuel
  • alcohol

This is another event dedicated to heavy motorcycles of the Adventure Class (it’s usually mostly the GS’s and large KTM’s). The plan is to visit the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, the itinerary is quite intense, hence the need for appropriate equipment – the route calls for big bikes. We start each day almost at dawn, to reach destination before nightfall. Where possible we stay in yurts or local guesthouses. Well, it’s not gonna be a five star hotel, but we promise to provide the most comfortable accommodation possible. We have a support car throughout the entire route, to ensure maximum safety and comfort on the gravel roads of the Pamir and Tien Shan.

No special preparations or skills necessary, you’ll learn everything along the way. The expedition covers over 3,500 km of trails. The asphalt-gravel ratio would be around 60:40. In several places the altitude may slightly exceed 4,000 metres, the highest pass is 4,655 metres. The temperatures range from 0 to 40 degrees Celsius.

The event is designed for motorcycles with a capacity of 650 cc and more. Drivers and passengers are very welcome!



Departure from Bishkek

Night at a marihuana field at the Toktogul Lake. We set off from Bishkek and head west. In Kara-Balta we turn to the M41 highway and stay on it the next few days. First, however, we traverse the Too Ashu Pass to see The Susamyru Valley. Beautiful place, which continues to amaze travellers from all around the world. Night in tents at Lake Toktogul.


Arrival to OsH

Accommodation in a hotel. It’s a ride along the beautiful artificial Naryn canyon towards the heat of Fergana Valley. We might have a short break in Osh, but it’s better to continue down the brand new asphalt highway to the very south of Kyrgyzstan. Sary Tash lies in the Altay Valley and the view of the Pamir is far more appealing than the post-Soviet Osh. If weather is clear the views are stunning.


Base camp at the foot of Lenin’s Peak

Accommodation in yurts. In the afternoon we will reach base camp at the foot of Leanin’s Peak. If we are lucky, and we usually are, we get to see the easiest 7,000 metre mountain in the world in its full glory. It is a perfect spot for taking photos. You will certainly be pleased. Accommodation is at 3,500 metres, so prepare for a headache.


Entering Tajikistan.

The highest pass en route – 4,655 metres. Accommodation in a guesthouse at Murgaba. That’s a farewell to Kyrgyzstan. We enter Tajikistan via the high Kyzyl Art pass. Although this is an international highway, it can be the most difficult section of the entire route. The road climbs quite steeply, and if it rains you will understand why the pass is called Kizyl (Red). Pamirian Route is made of asphalt, but a little different to the new highways of Kyrgyzstan. We pass Karakul, where we stop on the way back and spend the night in Murgaba. This is not the most beautiful city in the world, but its biggest advantage is that it is the located at the lowest altitude. As a result, we might skip headaches, well at least the altitude related ones.



Accommodation in a guest house. We leave Murgaba behind and continue down the M41. The views reward the bumpy road. After all, this is the famous Pamir Highway.



A day off. A trip to Roshtkala Valley


Bibi Fatima

Accommodation in a guest house. In Langar River Pamir flows into Pyandj in the Wakhan Corridor. We continue our ride along the river. There are Afghan villagers and Tajik children waving at our caravan.


Jarty Gumbez

Accommodation in tents. We are sure that for some of you it is going to be the best day of the entire journey. Curious already…?



Night in a guest house. It’s not going to be a long day, but we want you to have some time on the lake. Your lens (or phone screen) deserves such views. It will be our highest stopover. But even though it is at almost 4,000 metres,it should not bother you by now. An absolutely wonderful place, but it will be cold. No worries – our hosts do their best for you to be warm and cosy by the fire. Wanna know how to make fire with no trees around? Well, you’ll just have to wait to find out…

DAY 10

Jalalabad area

Tent accommodation. We have to continue down the M41 to Jalalabad. That’s the only way we can reach the real Kyrgyzstan..

DAY 11

Song Kul

YUrts. By many, Song Kul is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan. We are very interested in your opinion. The lake is surrounded by magnificent mountains at an altitude of 3,000 meters. Does it get any better? Well, in fact it does – there are herds of horses and colourful yurts all around. You are probably going to need another SD card to store all of the photos you take here.

DAY 12

Tash Rabat

Yurt. We head for the pass called MELS. While the name sounds rather mysterious, it’s an abbreviation of the four greatly respected Soviet ideologists.

DAY 13


Issyk is the closest to the sea as it gets in Kyrgyzstan. The lake is 200 km long. It is situated quite low (for Kyrgyzstan) – 1,600 metres above sea level. As a result, the temperature of the water is rather pleasant – at least for people who were brought up at the Baltic Sea. We can venture a swim!

DAY 14

Return to Bishkek.

A tiny little bit of the dull Kyrgizsian asphalt. To make it something to remember, this morning we turn to the best gravel trail in the world.

Check the video from previous journeys!


The journey starts tomorrow!

Fill in the form and start preparations for the best journey of your life! Hundreds of kilometers of roads yet to be discovered, unforgettable adventures yet to be experienced and astonishing views yet to be seen. The World is waiting for you!

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