Our team is passionate about travelling and aims to make your travel as smooth as possible. For many years Advfactory has been serving motorbike customers around the world. The secret to our success lies in our people. We have a team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals. First: we are bikers and we serve for bikers. What does that mean to our customers?  Contact us today and let’s discuss about your future motorcycle adventure.

Krzysztof Samborski

The Boss

Journalist, motor biker, traveller. In 1993 he visited Central Asia for the first time and never really left since then. Worked for newspapers, radio station, news websites and even for a TV station but none of these places attracted him for long. Since 2006 he organises motorbike adventures. He will swap a five star air-conditioned hotel room for a bed in a yurt without a second thought. Despite that Krzysztof insist he's a home-lover.  

Ola Trzaskowska

The Boss of The Boss

Sociologist and lawyer by education, traveller by choice. Ola always finds time to visit new places located far away from the common routes. She sailed around Cape Horn and knows Himalaya routes as well as Bhutan's secrets. Hyperactive for sure: runner, ski runner, skier, cross-country skier, kitesurfer, paraglider, yogini, sailor and cyclist. This is just the tip of the list. Needless to say she also is a top class motor biker. Ola is the good spirit of Advfactory.

David Hall

Man of Iron

Long lost brother from UK. Only more handsome. Stupid the same... Likes all things funny, motor cycling, travel and people...
He is our English connection. Responsible for mistakes in English translations on our website. Knows Morocco, Himalayas and the UK. Works with horseshoes hence he must have good luck... Within our operations he takes care of the British and commonwealth customers 

Daria Szkudlarek

The busy woman

Daria is the most experienced traveller in our team… if it comes to travelling with children. She travelled the Balkans, Central Asia and Moroco together with her daughters. Few other countries in South America with her a bit older "son". She’s the paperclip binding all the paperwork in each of our operations.

Paweł Rubach

Multi adventure specialist

Although he’s fluent in many languages, Java programming language is his favourite. He teaches it at Warsaw School of Economics. Frequent visitor to Peru. 4x4 adventures lover with great off-road experience. Skilled two-wheel rider too. He just been on a motor-tour through Iceland. If that’s not enough then what about scouting? Yes, he’s a scoutmaster.

Jakub Patynek

The Webmaster

Environmental engineer turned into Bridgestone tyres designer who owns an internet marketing company. In free time ( not much of it! ) he dives in caves and explores shipwrecks, travels on motorbikes on and off road and he’s a snowboarder. Jakub has been to the Balkans and the Baltic countries. He’s future plans include Nepal, Mongolia and Baykal lake. He is the guy behind this website.

Vadim Kazantsev

Guide, ski instructor

Vadim lives in Kyrgyzstan. During winters he’s a ski and snowboard instructor. His summers are all about motorbikes. He loves to hike across Tien Shan and play music. Very talented mechanic. As a Russian living far away from the motherland he misses the soviet times although there’s no way he has recollection of it. He speaks Russian and English. He’s main duty is the support of our summer motorcycle operations in Kyrgyzstan and the winter chillers on the ski slopes.

Andrzej Krymow

Guide, diver

Educated as architect he opened a design office only to realise he wants a different life. Ever since then he traveled around the world picking many jobs. Organises sail adventures, dive adventures, motorbike adventures. Spent a fair share of time travelling through Australia, the Balkans and British Isles. His last journey lead him to South America which he explored for over 3 months. He loves to interact with other people, learn their ways and point of view.