Traditionally in November, we invite you to take a motorbike vacation. This time we invite only the ladies. It is not going to be very demanding event, but just rest: with motorbikes, a little trekking, rafting, safari and Ayuverdian massages. November is really a very bleak month in Europe, so we propose to replace the falling leaves with the lush green jungle, and the first snows and frosts with swimming in the beautiful waters of the Indian Ocean. A car goes with us so if you want to take with you someone “non-motorbiking”, she also can accompany us with no problems at all.

  • Start/Finish – Negombo
  • The nearest airport – Colombo (CMB)
  • Start date – 4.11.2017
  • Finish – 16.11.2017
  • Duration – 15 days
  • Difficulty level – 4/10
  • Attractions – jungle, mountains, elephants, Adam’s Peak, Indian Ocean, rafting, safari.
  • Day One: – We meet at Warsaw airport, from where we have a direct chartered flight to Colombo. Flight on your own is also possible.
  • Day Two: – Arrival in Colombo, on a rented bus we go to a small hotel at Negombo. Hotel right on the beach. We change money, pick up our motorbikes and acquaint ourselves with driving on the left side.
  • Day Three: – We leave in the morning thus avoiding the Sri Lankan traffic. We will be heading into the interior. After breakfast we go on motorcycles to Dambulla, one of the most important Buddhist sites in Sri Lanka. The temples are carved into rock caves where there are statues of the Buddha. Transfer to the hotel in the area of Dambulla/Sigiriya. Supper and accommodation.
  • Day Four&Five: – After breakfast we head towards Polonnaruwa. On the way we visit Sigiriya. It is a rocky fortress, which was the royal seat in the fifth century A.D. It was built on top of a 200 metre cliff. To this day, on top of the preserved foundations of the palace, to which access is guarded by a narrow staircase leading between the carved lion paws, as well as the palace gardens there are the famous frescoes on the walls of the rock cave, representing the heavenly virgins. From there we will go to Polonnaruwa, the medieval capital of the country. We hang out by the pool. And the next morning we visit the ruins of the Royal Palace, the so-called Quadrangle: Dalada Maluwa – a complex of 12 historic buildings and temples, dating back to the eleventh century. And the Gal Vihara – a monumental rock, on which four statues of Buddha are sculpted. We will spend the night in a hotel on the lake in Polonnaruwa.
  • Day Six: – Drive through the jungle in the vicinity of Kanda, a beautiful road in the area known as the Knuckles Range. Few cars, but a lot of bends.
  • Day Seven: – We will pop in to Kanda, the former capital of Sri Lanka, in which city we will see the most important place for Sri Lankan Buddhists: the Temple of the Tooth. From the maniacal Kandian bustle we go south and stay at the climate house in the middle of the jungle. At night we will go by car to Dalhousie. A four-hour hike to the summit of the mountain is ahead of us. This is one of the highest mountains in Sri Lanka – 2,243 metres. Sunrise seen from the top is an unforgettable experience. This is a sacred mountain for Buddhists, Muslims and Christians… Here apparently Adam touched the earth with his foot when he had left Paradise. We should get there before sunrise.
  • Day Eight: – After a sleepless night on Adam’s Peak we take a rest in the jungle. In the afternoon, as part of licking our wounds after climbing, we go rafting. There will be thrills, but rest assured it is quite safe.
  • Day Nine: – After an early breakfast we head towards Nuvara Eliya. The road goes through scenic hills covered with tea bushes. It will be a day full of bends and thrills. And pretty waterfalls. We spend the night in the jungle near Ohiya.
  • Day Ten: – We leave very early in the morning in order to manage to see the World’s End. This place is located in the Horton Plains National Park. It is a plateau stretching at an altitude of over 2,000 m. Motorcycle boots are left in the care of our mechanic, because a 9 kilometre walk awaits us. It is worth it, because on our way we shall see even two Ends of the World. This is the space on the edge of the plateau, where the steep cliff descends almost vertically over 900 metres down to the next valley. From there we go back to our Ohiya accommodation in the jungle.
  • Day Eleven: – In the morning over a beautiful off-road path we get to the asphalt. We are going down from the mountains, the road will become straightforward and finally we will be able to make a reasonable distance in one day. In the afternoon we reach the vicinity of the Udawaluwa National Park. Overnight at a prepared camp with tents.
    Day Twelve&Thirteen: – The next day, before breakfast we go on an off-road vehicle Safari to the park, to see how the elephants and crocodiles are today. After breakfast we head towards the coast. Our goal is to reach Mirissa. We lie on the beach and have fun in the water. Those who wish can go to Galle, a city founded by the Portuguese. Galle is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Both the fort and the old part of Galle, have unique preserved colonial charm. Besides diving, we swim and if we can, watch whales. Some may choose the Ayuverdian massage. End of the rice and curry, which we have had enough of. We are having fish, squid and shrimps!
    Day Fourteen: – Final sunbathing. We are going north towards Negombo. A piece of asphalt boredom. In the afternoon, shopping for our loved ones.
  • Day Fifteen: – Departure
Pricing – 2,950 USD

Price includes:

  • Price includes – a Honda XR250 motorbike for rent,
  • care of a guide,
  • support car,
  • accommodation in hotels and guesthouses,
  • breakfasts and suppers,
  • all access tickets.

Price doesn’t cover:

  • visa,
  • Sri Lankan driving license fee,
  • flight tickets,
  • fuel,
  • insurance

According to the organizer:
“The first time I travelled to Sri Lanka I was wondering whether two weeks was not too much. When I left I wondered when I would come back, because I did not see everything. This is not a big island, but there are beautiful beaches, mountains higher than in Poland, the most winding roads in the world, tea plantations, wild elephants, waterfalls and amazing sights. In addition they have the jungle, superb cuisine and hospitable locals”.

Ola Trzaskowska, Warsaw