This year’s trip to Iceland is a package for off-road fans. Our two-week visit to the land of ice, volcanoes, elves and trolls will run entirely on gravel roads. Often we will have to cross fords and rivers. Can we ride the entire scheduled route? Besides fortitude, motorcycle skills and
reliable equipment, the weather must also be on our side. Accommodation is going to be in tents or tourist huts available in some parts of Iceland. Do not expect luxury. This expedition
is for those who do not care for the cold, who like difficult terrain, and prefer adventure. We will not be bored – for sure! It is not going to be easy either so close-knit teamwork is essential. The expedition is only for off-road, single-cylinder motorbikes.

wyprawy motocyklowe islandia
  • Start/finish – Reykjavik
  • Nearest airport – Reykjavik
  • Start date – 27.07.2018
  • Finish date – 09.08.2017
  • Duration – 14 days
  • Difficulty level – 8/10
  • Attractions – nature, volcanoes, glaciers, geysers, Icelandic interior
  • Day 1: – Reykjavik – Arrival.
  • Day 2: – Reykjavik – Laugarvatn area
  • Day 3: – Area Laugarvatn – Keldur area
  • Day 4: – Area Keldur – Jökulsárlón area
  • Day 5: – Area Jökulsárlón – Versalir area
  • Day 6: – Area Versalir – Askja area
  • Day 7: – Area Askja – Myvatn area
  • Day 8: – Area Myvatn – Akureyri area
  • Day 9: – Area Akureyri – Laugarbakki area
  • Day 10: – Area Laugarbakki – Breidavik area
  • Day 11: – Area Breidavik – Budardalur
  • Day 12: – Return to Reykjavik
  • Day 13: – Reykjavik – a spare day in case of any difficulties en route and necessary amendments
  • Day 14: – Departure
Price – 1,150 EUR on your own motorbike
Price includes:

  • – care of a guide and good company
  • – accommodation in tents and huts
  • – tracks
  • – map of Iceland

Price does not cover:

  • – flight tickets to and from Reykjavik
  • – fuel costs
  • – travel insurance
  • – meals
  • – possible access tickets
  • – motorbike transportation: for the participants the cost would be 1,000 EUR (return), including harbour and customs fees.Przelotu do i z Reykjaviku

Participant’s opinion:
“Iceland is geologically a very young island – 50 years ago, off the coast of the main island emerged from the youngest island in the world – Surtsey. It makes the landscape totally unique. Huge lava fields, numerous volcanoes, rivers, waterfalls and glaciers – there is a ski resort located just above sea level, where even in summer snow lies here and there.
Off-road enthusiasts will not lack for attractions – as although Iceland as with all Scandinavian countries is well-organized and somewhat restrictive (eg. do not leave the marked trail), there can still be found many tracks only for off-road vehicles (eg. marked “Mountain Track, Special 4×4 only”), on which you most likely will not meet anyone. The thrill numerous river crossings are thrilling – their level depends on weather and time of day. There are also long stretches of black volcanic sand and beautiful black tracks going through green moss covered lava fields.
The weather, contrary to common belief, is not all that bad, but you have of course to be well prepared: warm, waterproof clothing is essential, but during my last trip, out of sixteen days in August only two days troubled us with a little rain”.

Paweł Rubach