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2020/08/03 08:00:00


2640€ on our motorcycle

1360€ on your own motorcycle (transport both ways – 1050€)

3 -14 August 2020

Start/Finish: Osh

Difficulty: 6/10

Price includes

  • accomodation + meals
  • support car all the way
  • guide

Price does not include

  • airline tickets
  • fuel
  • alcohol

Tajikistan has been one of our favourite destinations since…well forever! And the dispute between the participants whether Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan is a better place to go is never-ending. If you ride a large motorcycle you can try to see both countries during one trip, on singles it is a bit more difficult, especially as Pamir Highway is supposed to be the necessary evil, not the goal of the event. Pamir however has plenty to offer for light motorcycles and this event proves it. The itinerary includes the Bartang valley, Wakhan, Roshtkala, the Afghan borderline, the Kara Kul lake, Bulun kul, Rang Kul, and maybe even Sarez. And sure it’s damn worth it! To ensure maximum comfort and safety a support car is there all the way to carry the luggage.


We start easy – a super smooth asphalt road to Sara Tash is our warm-up, and then we head for one of the highest mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Lenin’s Peak is one of five seven-thousenders called the Snow Panther, and it’s the most accessible one. The view in the morning blows your mind! Night in a yurt.


We make our way back to Sara Tash, and push further to Kyzyl Art, the Kyrgyz-Tajik border. The Surface of the road is full of potholes, but the views are definitely worth it. Especially that our destination is the most beautiful lake you’ve ever seen!

Night at a guesthouse in Karakol.


We turn to Bartang valley. Once we get there, yesterday’s village by the lake may seem like a busy city. Kilometres pass and not a soul on the horizon. The views, however are magnificent.

The night we stay at the million star hotel – under starry skies.


Hopefully by the end of the day we make it to civilisation and Afghan border. There’s the Internet and shops! Much needed rest on the verandas of Pamir Lodge.


The route makes a loop to Roshkala valley. It’s rarely visited, especially by a bunch of lunatics on GS 1200, but this is precisely why we’ve chosen to take you there. The view of Engels’ Peak is the highlight of the day. In the evening we head back to Khorog.


We ride the Wakhan Corridor all the way to hot springs. This day is pleasant and the road’s not very challenging. The views however aren’t any less spectacular. Some say it’s the most picturesque part of the whole trip. The evening’s gonna be unforgettable.

Night at a small hotel.


The ride along the Afghan border continues. This is a farewell to Pyang, and we continue along River Pamir, cross the Khargush pass to reach the famous Pamir Highway. We roll there for about 100km only to escape back to the mountains.

Night in a tent.


Don’t expect much civilisation on the way. We wander a plateau over 4000 m a.s.l. If the weather permits we might see China and make a short break in the place where Tajikistan, Afghanistan and China meet.


Today it’s all about gravel, but not really demanding. We continue along the Chinese border to reach our destination – Lake Rang Kul.

Night in a tent.

DAY 10

M41 again, refuelling in Murgaba and we head for Karakul, to close our Pamir route. The trail includes Ak-bajtal, the highest pass during the whole trip, at 4655 m. a.s.l.

Night at a guesthouse.

DAY 11

Tour de Karakul. It seems impossible to go around the lake, but we won’t leave until we give it a try.

DAY 12

Return to Osh down a familiar road.

Check the video from previous journeys!


The journey starts tomorrow!

Fill in the form and start preparations for the best journey of your life! Hundreds of kilometers of roads yet to be discovered, unforgettable adventures yet to be experienced and astonishing views yet to be seen. The World is waiting for you!

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