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This tour is dedicated to the riders who want to see new countries from the comfortable saddle of their GS or KTM. So, this is adventure tour but where it will be possible we will  overnight in guestohouses/hotels.Tents only when necessary. We don’t promise 5 star hotels but will try our best. Support car will assist us on the way, so we will be more safe on the light bikes. If you are going with the pillion, on hard section she will find the place in the car. This tour doesn’t require any special skills or preparation. If you know how to ride big GS on gravel it will be enough. Sandy sections are really short. We will make more than 3500 km during this tour. On some passes we will be over 4000 meters, and the highest point is 4655 m. It is the highest road of former USSR. Temperatures from 0 to 40 degrees. We will accept riders with motorbikes over 650 ccm on this tour. We provide tranportation of your bikes from Europe to starting point. You can also arrive to Bishkek on your own. From Berlin about 5 days to the East and then 2 to the South,.


  • Price: 1950 Euro
  • Duration: 15 days
  • Start: 10.07.2016
  • Finish: 24.07.2016
  • Accomodation: tent/yurt/hotel
  • Lenght: 3500km
  • Difficulty: 4/10
  • Minimum number of participants: 5
Price includes:
  • guide
  • breakfast and dinner when we stay in yurt/guesthose/hotel
  • accomodation
  • support car which will carry also the luggage
  • border permits
Price doesn’t include:
  • Flights
  • Petrol
  • Travel insurance
  • Cost of motorbike transportation
Day 1

Start from Bishkek, stay on Toktogul Lake (tent)

We start early from Bishkek and heading west to Kara Balta . Then we will make a turn to the South and ride famous route M41. We will follow this road next couple days but first we have to cross tunnel on Too Ashuu Pass. After tunnel we will see on of the most beutifull valley – Susamyr. We will stay in the tents near Toktogul lake.




Day 2

Toktogul – Sary Tash (guesthouse)

2nd day we will ride along the marvelous Naryn river and finally we will rich hot Ferghana Valley. Uzbekistan will be 200 meters away. In Jalalabad we will stop only for lunch and will continue toward Tajikistan. We should reach Sary Tash in late afternoon. This is a village on the crossroad. Left road leads to China, to the right to Dushanbe, but there is bad small road which lead straight to the mountains. Pamir. It is our road. We will stay in the guesthouse this night.





Sary Tash – Murghab (guesthouse)

We will say good bye to green Kyrgyzstan and will climb to the Kyzyl Art pass. Hard to believe but it is international road linking Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Road is easy when it is dry. But when is wet… You will understand why this pass is called Kizyl (Red). Mud will be everywhere. After border crossing we have straight road to Karakol, but we will not stop in this village. We will continue towards Murghab. On the way there will be the highest pass – Ak Baital 4655 m.



Gravel section

Dzień 4

Murgab – Langar (guesthouse)

We will leave the ugliest city in the world and will continue on Pamir Highway.Asphalt but what a potholes! After Ali Chur we will make a turn toward Afghanistan. We will climb on another 4000 meters Kargush pass and will reach Pamir river. Afghanistan will be just 20 meters from us.We will follow the river next 2 days. Till Khorog we will admire Afghan side. Don’t worry. Both sides of the river are safe.



Day 5

Langar – Ishkashim – Khorog (guesthouse)

In Langar Pamir river join Wakhan river and continue as a Panj. We will follow the river still looking to the left. We will wave to afghan farmers and tajik children. We will stop for a while in the place where in 2010 died Robert Gałka, co founder of Advfactory. In the evening we will reach Khorog where we will stay in backpackers guesthouse.


Tak wygląda przygoda.


Adventure in his natural habitat


Wakhan corridor

Day 6

Khorog (guesthouse)

Internet, phone, money exchange. Even pizza. In Khorog is everything we want. We will relax and sightseeing.

Day 7

Khorog – Jarty Gumbez (yurt)

Go back to ride. We will climb to another pass, another 4000 meters. we will fill up in AliChur and before Murghab we will turn to the gravel roads. We will overnight close to hot spring. Very special one. Soviet style…

Day 8

Jarty Gumbez – Tohtomysh – Rang Kul (tent)

We will try to avoide main road and reach Tohtomysh on bumpy track. Then we will continue along chinese border to Rang Kul lake. If we will meet more than 10 vehicles the guide will serve a beer for everyone.

Day 9

Rang Kul – Kara Kol (guesthouse)

It will be short ride but we would like to stay a bit longer near the Karakol lake on daylight. You deserve for it and your camera lense as well.  It will be our highest overnightduring the trip. Beautifull place but will be cold during the night. We can camp on the lake shore but maybe it will be wiser to stay inside the warm house. There is no coal and no trees. Wonder what they burn? You will be surprised.



Highest pass 4655 meters


Day 10
ke anot

Kara Kol – Lenin BC (yurt)

We will reach border in one hour. All bureaucracy will take another hour. We will ride down from Kyzyl Art and green Alai Valley will appear in full beauty. In the afternoon we will reach Pik Lenin’s base camp. If we will be lucky we will see the easiest 7000 meter peak. Easiest in the mountains always means danger. Do you know that one night died here more than 40 people?


2013-07-08 15.40.32

Day 11

Lenin BC – Osh – Jalalabad – pass(tent)

We know this road (till Jalalbad). Beauty asphal, easy road. Will be hot and you will miss cold nights in Pamir. Ferghana valley will be sunny, dry and 40 degrees hot. After Jalalabad we we will make a turn to the east and after 30 km we will be back in the mountains.

Day 12

Pass – Song Kul (yurt)

Song Kul for us is the very best place in Kyrgyzstan. We wonder if you will have the same opinion. Lake is surrounded by beautifull mountains over 3000 meters. There is a lot yourts and shepards around the lake. We have thousands pictures from this place. We wish you will have better than ours.

song (17)

Song Kul

SSong (2)


Day 13

Song Kul – Issyk Kul

Issyk is a Kyrgyz sea. Lake is 200 km long  on altitude 1600 m. Water has pleasant temperature and we will enjoy swimming. What a mountains around the lake…




Day 14

Issyk – Bishkek

We will not cheat you. This day is nothing special, just asphalt. If it will be your first day and we will go opposite way you will be happy but on the last day – just a ride. Keep your cameras in pocket and ride safe. Traffic is a bigger close to capital. In the evening farewell party.