This is difficult tour for experienced riders in offroad. We didn’t visited all the paces wa want to take you so it will be real adventure also for us. Probably we will not reach all the goals. We hope we will be able to cross Kegety pass and maybe we will reach Kul Su lake, but we don’t believe to make a loop from Barskoon to Inylchek on A364. We know this road exist only on maps. But we will try! We will use only light bikes, no support car. It will be snow, wet, we will use ropes and will have to help each other.


  • Price: 1000 Euro with your own bike, 2300  Euro on our bike
  • Duration: 12 days
  • Start: 27.06.2016
  • Finish: 8.07.2016
  • Acommodation: tent/yurt
  • Total lenght: 1800 km
  • Difficulty: 9/10
Price includes:
  • guiding
  • good society
  • accomodation in yurts and guesthouses
  • all the border permits
Day 1

Start from Bishkek, Kegety pass (tent)

After 50 km of normal tarmac we will turn toward mountains. We will follow unused soviet road. Pass is high – 3800 meters and we will be weak. On the other side will be really risky downhill. On some parts we will be unable to ride.


We will spend all the time in Tien Shan mountains11709723_10153534847457764_5967183051478777001_o

Kegety Pass


Day 2

Road to Song Kul (yurt)

Nice gravel roads and beatiful views. It will be easy day. Song Kul is a mountain lake, over 3000 meters over sea level. Surrounded by snow peaks and green meadows. Paradise for animals and riders 😉


Moldo Asuu Pass11760279_10153536541807764_3324112398271997482_nThere will be a lot of water crossing


Day 3

Song Kul Tash Rabat (yurt)

Easy but very scenic road. Gravel. It would be done in three hours but we will spend another 4 to take the pictures. In the evening we will ride the hills around Tash Rabat.


Song Kul lake


Tash Rabat caravanseray


Dzień 4
Tash Rabat – Kol Su lake (tent)

Short tarmac section and we will be close to At Bashi. Army will check our permits and we will ride towards Kol Su lake. It will be our first trip there, but we know what to expect. Lot of streams, high water, hard terrain. Rocks. Adventure.


We will have wet boots all the time


Day 5

Kol Su – Naryn canyon (namiot)

Return to asphalt and easy road to Naryn. Civilization, restaurant and Internet. Then beautifull road toward Issyk Kul. 10629673_10152700937307764_8849572765957748039_n

Bikes are still attraction for local people


Day 6

Naryn canyon – Issyk Kul (guesthouse)

More than 100 km gravel and rocky roads. Many stream crossing but only one will be difficult. we will stop for 2 hrs to take a bath in hot springs. Climbing to difficult Tosor pass, near 4000 meters. If it will be snow we will have hard ride.


Some section are easy


Days 7 and 8

Issyk – Barskoon i and towards Kara Say on the road A364 (tent)

Easy and fast ride on gravel motorway leading to gold mine. Then another 4000 meters pass. Another military checkpoint and difficulties will begin. Nobody crossed this road for many years. Bridges doesn’t exist. But we will try using the ropes do our best.

11742686_10153536542567764_1956796374124807034_nClose to Tosor pass

12045589_10153725320497764_1735862092349156229_oWe will have great views from our tents

10460257_10152880026962764_9062010858294707626_nDonkey riding? Why not, let’s swap


Day 9

Inylchek – Grigorievka (asphalt) guesthouse

Easy and relaxing day. But we have to move around the lake to northern shore. We will have time to swim in Issyk Kul.


We will travel light


Days 10 and 11

Battle in Grigorievka canyon (tent)

They started to built this road in soviet times but never finished. We will try but local people told us we are mad. Doesn’t matter what will happen we will go toward Bishkek. On the gravel road in the mountains or on the asphalt near the lake.

11038646_10153536542427764_7270075434453097684_nTosor pass, nearly 4000 meters

12001079_10153678222047764_7210091992555584490_o (1)DRZ is a good choice for this trip


Day 12

Return to Bishkek

We will be tired but we have to ride to Bishkek. There are two roads, both tarmac. we will take a bit longer, through Kazakhstan