This is one of our proposals addressed exclusively to the female bike riders. Our ladies on bikes conquered the Himalayas for the first time in 2016. The expedition exceeded all expectations, both ours and the participants’. The girls, the atmosphere, the traveller’s everyday life – everything on this trip it was exceptional. This year again, we invite ladies to the Himalayas, the highest mountains in the world, the highest mountain passes. You will get acquainted with one of the most beautiful places on earth, feel the touch of the true Buddhism, inherent in this region of the world. We will stay close to nature, we will see how real people live. The expedition is being prepared by women and for women. It will definitely be a good trip with the atmosphere and good company.
The trip is of asphalt – gravel character. The greater part of the route is on local asphalt and small mountain trails, but expect gravel as well. They may also be the rides through the streams or the runs of sand – everything depends on the weather. We will ride at high altitudes. The icing on the cake will be reaching of the highest pass authorized for automotive traffic in the world, the Khardung Pass (5,602 m).

  • Start/finish: Leh
  • Nearest airport: Leh
  • Date of start: 16.08.2017
  • Date of finish: 27.08.2017
  • Duration: 12 dni
  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • Attractions: nature, passes, Himalayas, Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri, Tso Kar lakes, Buddhist abbeys in the Valley of Indus, Lamayuru Abbey
  • Day One: – Leh – Arrival. Getting acquainted with the Royal Enfields. Sightseeing, Acclimatisation
  • Day Two: – Leh – Lamayuru – Leh-Lamayuru
    First day on our Royal Enfields. We will drive to the famous Lamayuru Abbey. Ahead of us a beautiful route, full of views, mostly onto new asphalt.
    Guesthouse at Lamayuru
  • Day Three: -Lamayuru – Kargil via Dha
    Today we will have the opportunity to cross the rarely visited Ladakh area: Dah Valley and Hannu. The people in this valley look quite different than the other inhabitants of Ladakh; they are of more Indo-European than Tibetan type. The area is also warmer and greener. Kargil, in turn, is a Muslim city – for a while we move to another world.
    Kargil guesthouse.
  • Day Four: – Kargil – Alchi – Today we return to the Buddhist world in its classic edition. You’ll find that the route already partially familiar to us looks differently from the other side!
    Accommodation in a guesthouse.
  • Day Five: – Alchi – Sakti – Via a picturesque road, situated above the canyon of the Indus River back toward Leh. This time we will not enter the town, but we will go further through the beautiful valley of the Indus. Along the way, we will see the palace – the seat of the first rulers of Ladakh – Shey and the most impressive Buddhist monastery in the entire region – Thiksey. In 2016 it hosted the Dalai Lama himself. In the afternoon, we bid farewell to the main trail and turn into the valley towards Pangong Tso Lake.
    Accommodation in a guesthouse.
  • Day Six: – Sakti – Pangong Tso – The third highest, approved for traffic pass in the world – Chang La (5,360 m) is awaiting us. From the pass we go down the winding mountain road above one of the most beautiful lakes in the world: Pangong Tso. It is a lake bordering China and 60% of its surface belongs to China. Today we will partly drive on gravels.
    Accommodation in a camp, in specially prepared tents.
  • Day Seven: – Pangong Tso – Nubra Valley (Hunder) through Shyok River – Today, not an easy route, but an unforgettable one: entirely along the Shyok River. We do not plan any passes, but it will sometimes be “curvy” and on gravel. Certainly we are going to take a rest a break from altitudes, but… it will be much warmer – it may even be boiling hot. If due to weather conditions (eg. landslides) the road should be closed, we will go through the Pass Wari La Pass.
    Accommodation in a hotel.
  • Day Eight: – Nubra Valley – Leh – We will already be enough accustomed to high altitudes. This the perfect moment to take on the highest pass approved for traffic in the world – Khardung La (5,602 m). But before we get to it, we will visit the world’s highest altitude desert. Volunteers can try their hand at sand dunes. Partly gravel road.
    Accommodation in a hotel.
  • Day Nine: – Leh – Tso Kar Lake
    Today, we cope with the second highest pass in the world: Taglang La (5,359 m). After that we go down on the picturesque plateau of More Plains (4,600 m). In the last kilometers, an asphalt highway will turn into pleasant gravel, which will lead us to the salt Tso Kar Lake.
    Accommodation in a camp, in specially prepared tents.
  • Day Ten: – Tso Kar Lake – Tso Moriri
    The Tso Moriri lake is a strict nature reserve. The emerald waters usually surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks look stunning. En route you will be able to relax at a hot geyser and see the last Himalayan nomads. The road is 60% gravel.
    Accommodation in a camp, in specially prepared tents.
  • Day Eleven: – Tso Moriri Lake – Leh
    A picturesque highway leads us back to Leh. We will pass and visit some hot springs.
  • Day Tvelve: – Departure
Price – 2900 USD – includes:

  • care of a guide and good company
  • all accommodations, meals and beverages like water and tea, except lunches at Leh
  • rent and daily maintenance of the Royal Enfield 500 ccm
  • support car in which tools, additional fuel and your luggage will be carried
  • Border permits
  • access tickets to all sights en route
  • oxygen bottles and basic medication
  • motorbike insurance

Price does not cover:

  • flight to and from Leh (we suggest a connection via Delhi)
  • fuel cost
  • Travel insurance
  • costs of bike repairs in case a drive is to be blamed

According to one of the previous participants:
‘The motorcycle expedition was a great idea and unforgettable experience. One could have assumed to expect amazing mountain trails and magnificent views, but what each day brought exceeded my expectations. Wild and often inaccessible to the average tourists regions of the Himalayas made us slack-jawed. Reaching the mountain passes on a bike gives you the feeling of being free like a bird.
Encompassing space, fresh mountain air, colourful and cheerful people and amazing Indian food. And what was more unique was the experience of driving the classic Royal Enfield on virtually all types of mountain roads. The journey could be arranged on your own… but now I can appreciate how clearly and comfortably easily I could soak up every moment and enjoy the day, having a super team behind me and a professionally prepared expedition. A perfectly planned route took us to the most interesting, not necessarily the best known places in the Himalayas. Comfortable conditions of accommodation even in a camp at 4,600 m surprised us all. Daily maintenance of the motorcycles and the presence of a mechanic gave us tremendous confidence in a case of emergency or unforeseen collisions.
Most importantly, however, was a sense that all of us, including Ola, who was the organizer, were a joint team, and that this was OUR journey, which we spontaneously created every day!’

Ania Urzedowska (Urzad)