Vehicle Transport

2021 is specific. We have Covid and many of the countries where we have transported motorbikes remain closed to tourists. Fortunately, Central Asia is open. We also hope that South America will be opened.

The table is poor, but as up to date as possible. We invite you!

DestinationDate of packing in PolandDate of arrival to destinationDate of returnArrival to PolandPrice
Cape Town (RSA)10.01.202220.02.2022⇒1100€
Mombasa (Kenya)21.12.2021

Our first big shippment of motorcycles was in 2006 – a full container from Poland to Delhi. Almost every freight forwarder refused us, finally a large international company accepted the challenge. And everything that could go wrong went wrong at one time. Let’s just say the customs clearance in India took a whole week, and the total cost doubled our estimated budget.

Fortunately nowadays things are different. It’s thanks to the Indian bureaucracy and a certain German company that everything is so simple with Advfactory. No matter where you live or where you want to send your vehicle – our offer has no hidden costs. From the moment we pick up the motorcycle from your garage until you start the engine on the other side of the world and go your own way. We give it to you straight – no additional payments, the agreed price is sacred. This is our motto.

We are one of the largest companies in Europe dealing with transportation and shippment of vehicles for individuals. Motorcyclists from Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Slovenia, Greece, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Canada, USA, Russia and of course Poland have trusted us and recommended our services.