2021. Tick off your bucket list – through Tibet and Nepal to India

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Can you imagine ticking off about a half of your bucket list in 27 days? Sounds rather unlikely, right? But get this: Mount Everest, Tibet, Bengali tigers, Nepal, Kashgar, the most beautiful Kyrgyz lakes, Mount Kailash, rhinos, Himalayas, Buddhism, Muslim piece of China, Taj Mahal and New Delhi… all in one trip! It is quite intense and it is on your own motorcycle, but what a treat!

The highest pass – 5565 meters. The event is not off-road, mostly decent asphalt surface, but it is the altitudes that are gonna make it a challenge. The motorcycles depart for Asia early July. They’ll be waiting for us in Kyrgyzstan. The ADVenture  starts in Bishkek, but we start slow. To provide proper acclimatisation before Tibet we need to spend a few days above 3000 meters. Our destination for the first two nights in our favorite place in Kyrgyzstan – at Lake Song Kul. From there we will head for Tash Rabat and the next day – China! 14 days there and a pretty rich agenda:  Kashgar, Lhasa, the Mount Everest base camp and much more. The next seven days we will spend exploring Tibet, and the final 4 days of the trip we will be staying in India. The event ends in Delhi, where we leave our motorcycles for return transportation to Europe. The trip is intended for large motorcycles, you can of course choose a single, but it is originally designed for the GS 1200 type. Off-road limited to the minimum, camping gear optional, passengers – very welcome.

We’ve prepared various packages to suit your needs:

  • transportation to Bishkek, full accommodation and board, handling the Chinese border bureaucracy, guide, support car and return motorcycle transportation. Price: 6900 Euros.

transportation to Bishkek, handling the Chinese bureaucracy, 14 nights’ accommodation in China and return transportation of the motorcycle from India. We part ways in Nepal. Price: 5500 Euros.

  • crossing Xinjang and Tibet on your own motorcycle with us costs 3500 EUR per person.


5500 - 6900 EUR, pillion 2900 EUR 30.08.2021-25.09.2021 Start/finish: Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan)/ New Delhi (India) Difficulty: 5/10 Price includes:
  • accommodation and all breakfasts
  • dinners in Kyrgyzstan
  • support car
  • guides
  • assistance while crossing the borders
  • issue of Chinese documents necessary for the trip
  • insurance in China
  • all the permits to enter Tibet
  • motorcycle transportation from Poland to Kyrgyzstan
  • motorcycle transportation from India to Poland
Price does not include:
  • flights
  • visas
  • fuel
  • entrance to national parks and other tourist attractions
  • costs of the issue of the Carnet de Passage

Day 1 | Day 1. Biszkek – Song Kul 310 km

We leave Bishkek early morning to reach Lake Song Kul in the afternoon. Very good asphalt roads, finishing with 50 km of firm gravel, accommodation in yurts at an altitude of 3000 meters. It is one of the most alluring places in Kyrgyzstan –  the nature determines the pace of life there – and let’s just say it can take a lot of unexpected turns.

Day 2 | Day 2: Song Kul

Once we pass Kashgar the road will ascend rather rapidly, but we have to begin to get used to  higher altitudes in Kyrgyzstan and there are no better places to do it than Song Kul and Tash Rabat. Once we reach 3000 meters we’re already acclimatizing, and not getting sick yet. Stunning views come extra. . .

Day 3 | Day 3 - Droga do Tasz Rabat ok. 140 km

The way from Song Kul to Tash Rabat may be short, but gee, what a view! There are many passes in Kyrgyzstan, and on day three we get to see the most beautiful ones: Moldo Ashuuu and MELS. Tash Rabat used to be a popular resting place for caravans traversing the Silk Road. We continue down a beautiful gorge to get a trully charming place.


Day 4 | Day 4 Droga do Kaszgaru 300 km

In the morning we’re heading for Torugart Pass, to reach the Chinese border. Once we cross it, we catch up with our local guide who will stay with us the next few days. Later that day we continue farther into China and reach our hotel in Kashgar.

Day 5 | Day 5 Kaszgar

A day off from the motorcycles. The Chinese bureaucracy is rather thorough and we need to undergo the technical inspection of the motorcycles. . . But we still have an interesting agenda – the remains of Kashgar are mesmerising. Just to think that this city has been there for thousands of years… Without a doubt an unforgettable place on the Silk Road.

Day 6 | Day 6 Kaszgar cd

More bureaucracy – get ready for the Chinese driving licence exam. But no worries – we promise you will pass. We spend the afternoon exploring Kashgar.

Day 7 | Day 7 Kaszgar—Yecheng—Sanxili 650 km

Ready for the most difficult day of the whole expedition? We leave before sunrise and start our 650 km in the mountains. Quite a ride it will be, but it is China after all and the rules are slightly different here. Sanxili is the first city after Kashgar where foreigners can sleep in hotels. Many  police checks along the way – we will need a lot of patience on that day. In addition, it will be getting higher and higher, time for the first 4000 meter pass and a few lower ones.

Day 8 | Day 8 Sanshili- Duomaxiang 450 km

Things are getting really serious.  Another pass, this time nearly 5 thousand meters right after breakfast! Later we continue towards Aksai Chin, a wide plateau that China took over from India in the 1960s… The Hindu people still cannot accept this and refuse to open any border crossing with China. Our destination for tonight is Duomaxiang, a small settlement in the middle of nowwhere.

Day 9 | Day 9 Duomaxiang - Ali 230 km

Our route leads along Lake Bangong Co, in India a.k.a. Pangong Tso. After a ride along the Chinese shore we reach Ali, the capital of Western Tibet.

Day 10 | Day 10 Ali - Mt Kailash 280 km

Today’s route is rather short and leads to Kailash, the sacred mountain of the Tibetans. If we’re lucky, we might meet pilgrims who travel to this mountain from the most remote parts of Tibet, Nepal and India. Some cover thousands of kilometers to get there. The mountain is 6714 meters high, with the springs of Indus and Brahmaputra at its foot. It is a sacred mountain for Buddhists and the Hindu believe it’s the home of the god of Shiva. We will reach Tacheng, the place from which the pilgrims set out and continue to see Pagoda Tarpoche and the sacred lake Manasarovar.

Day 11 | Day 11: Mt. Kailash do Saga 490 km

The road to Saga will give us an idea of what the Tibetan plateau is. It’s a high ride surrounded by snow-covered mountains. We’re still on road 219, but this time along the Nepalese border. Accommodation in Saga will be quite a challenge, trying to sleep at an altitude of 4640 meters.


Day 12 | Day 12 Saga - Xigatse 450 km

The road to Xigatse. Tashilunpo Monastery was founded 600 years ago by the first Dalai Lama. There used to be 4,000 monks here, but today it’s a little more modest. We’ll stop to visit it along the way. It is the traditional seat of Panchenlama – the person responsible for finding the next incarnation of the Dalai Lama. Xigatse is a big city, hundreds of thousands of people. It’s also the Tibetan railway final station. A little rest at 3845 meters.


Day 13 | Day 13 Xigatse - Lhasa 270 km

Lhasa is one of our main goals during this trip. Taking the road 391 from Xigatse , we’re heading in its direction. The whole road itself is 5476 km long and leads to Shanghai. Lhasa has almost half a million inhabitants and remains a major centre of Buddhism in Tibet.



Day 14 | Day 14 Lhasa

Day off, but only for the motorcycles. The Potala Palace and the most magnificent Buddhist temples await. We wander the streets of the old Lhasa and visit the famous Bharkor Market Square. If you want souvenirs from Tibet – this is the place to buy them.

Day 15 | Day 15 Lhasa - Gyangze 280 km

We are heading for the highest mountain in the world. After traversing the central Tibetan plateau it’s time to visit the oldest Tibetan stupa house. Then the road takes us along the turquoise Lake Yamdrok, and finally, after crossing the Karo la (5010 m) pass, you follow along the river valley to reach today’s destination – Gyangze.

Day 16 | Day 16 Gyzngze - Dingri - Mt. Everest base camp 440 km

Today’s plan is  to reach Lake Paiku near the border with Nepal. We expect strong Himalayan winds at 4500 passes, so prepare yourselves. A winding road with views of the the crown of the world – the 8,000-metre mountains. After a few 5000 meter passes we get to Rongpu Monastery, where we need to leave our bikes and take a bus to the Base Campu. Accommodation in the monastery, in rather harsh conditions…

Plan for the morning – the view of Mt. Everest, and in the evening we will reach the edge of Tibet. Not bad, huh?

Day 17 | Day 17 Rongpu monastery - Jilong 430 km

Plan for the morning – the view of Mt. Everest, and in the evening we will reach the edge of Tibet. Not bad, huh?

Day 18 | Day 18 Wjazd do Nepalu Bhotekoshi

We’re only 80 km from the border, but the formalities will take half a day. But this is just the beginning of surprises – in Nepal you drive on the left side of the road. Today’s destination –  Bhotekoshi, the go-to place for rafting lovers, the steepest river in Nepal and the best bungee in the world. Dare to try?

Day 19 | Day 19 Bhotekoshi - Katmandu - 60 km

A very interesting day. Rafting In the morning, horseriding in the evening. After so many days at considerable altitudes, both we and our motorcycles need to unwind a bit. It’s going to be green and peaceful. And although Kathmandu may not be the same after the 2015 earthquake, its spirit still lingers there.

Day 20 | Day 20 Katmandu

A bit of a rest, but it will definitely be far from boring. There are seven UNESCO World Heritage sites and several hundred bars. We make no promises to visit all the UNESCO sites and bars, but we’re quite sure you’ll find more than plenty attractions to fit your interests.


Day 21 | Day 21 Katmandu - Pokhara 200 km

The road between the two largest cities in Nepal is only 200 km long, but it takes eight long hours to cover this distance. But man, oh man, is it worth it! If the weather is good, we will see Manaslu, Dhalaugiri and above all Anapurna. We may even be lucky enough to fly paragliders and take some jawdropping photos.

Day 22 | Day 22 Pokhara Lumbini 165 km

It’s short, but do not be mistaken – far from easy. It takes a five hour ride to reach our today’s destination. Lumbini is considered a sacred place for Buddhists. Prince Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a.  Buddha, was born here.  No wonder it’s on UNESCO World Heritage List.

Day 23 | Day 23 Lumbini - Bardia National Park 270 km

No more mountains for us. But get ready to experience the worst thing on the subcontinent – not the heat, but the humidity. In a few days we’ll miss the mountains. The road is quite monotonous, among rice fields – definitely a new angle of Nepal.

Day 24 | Day 24 Park narodowy Bardia

The park is home to crocodiles, elephants, rhinos, tigers and many more magnificent species. We don’t really stand much chance to hunt the tiger with our smartphones, but it’s still worth trying, right? The other animals should be within our reach. It’s gonna be an unusual safari – we’re ditching the jeep and going on foot.

Day 25 | Day 25 Bardia - Agra 570 km

Crossing borders in this region should have a sign “Warning – paperwork ahead!”. Once we’re done, we’re off to India. It’s more intense than Nepal so prepare for a new quality of driving. The roads are straight and our average speed higher. Once we pass Lucknow it’s a smooth highway ride. This is how we reach the main attraction of our itinerary – Agra. To be totally honest, it was a mad wish of Emperor Shahdjahan or Taj Mahal, who built this miracle to honour his deceased wife. No promises, that it will be as beautiful as in the pictures, but it surely makes an impression. After all, it’s  one of the new 7 Wonders of the World.

Day 26 | Day 26 Agra - New Delhi 220 km

Highway. Well, Indian highway to be more specific. Indian road rules make it… well… exciting, so caution will be necessary. And finally, the creme de la crème – New Delhi. But fear not – we’ve travelled some serious Asian distances and we’re not gonna get killed. There is be plenty to see in Delhi. We’ll take you to Paharganj and Red Fort and let you do some more exploring on your own.

Day 27 | Day 27 New Delhi

Returning the motorcycles for transportation, some more sightseeing. Flight to Europe