Golden rush, bears and salmon

Canada and Alaska


2019/06/02 08:00:00


3900 USD

June 2 - 24 2019

Start: Vancouver (Kanada), Finish: Anchorage (USA)

Difficulty 3/10

Vancouver is one of the nicest cities we’ve visited. Canada is usually not associated with palm trees, and the snow-capped peaks are rarely seen from the beach. And in Vancouver there are beaches and snow-capped peaks. We have chosen this city to begin our tour.

Canada is really big. As big as Europe, Trying to see everything on one motorcycle trip would be virtually impossible. So we chose what, in our opinion, the most beautiful in Canada – nature with its biggest jewels: National Parks. There are 44 of them in Canada, we have guided the route so that you can see the most beautiful of them, including Banff and Jasper. Banff is the oldest, most visited and simply unsupassed for beauty. Jasper more wild and full of animals. We promise a large variety of them – from squirrels to elks and, of course, bears. We will show you some of the Canadian climates: those Native Americans endured . Experience the country once populated by gold seekers – Klondike, Dawson City – we all associate these places with a gold rush. And if you do not recognise this you will surely be associated with it during our event. Our Canadian tour will end in Alaska, the largest US state. Did the US make a good deal by buying 7.2 million dollars of wasteland from Russia? We will be convinced from the vistas of the Alaska Highway. The tour will end in Anchorage, where our motorcycles will return to Vancouver.

This tour is designed for larger motorcycles, those that will easily cover several hundred kilometers a day. Pillions are welcome.



Vancouver – arrival (usually in the evening), accommodation, motel / hotel


Vancouver-Whistler-Vancouver – 260 km

Collecting of motorbikes, city tour and a small loop to the winter Olympic center 2010, asphalt.


Vancouver – Banff

Coquihalla Highway, Bridal waterfall and Okanagan valley known as the Canadian desert! Do you know that wine is made in Canada? Well, you’ll find out. At Monte Creek Winery. Asphalt.


Vancouver –  Banff

Yesterday a wine cellar, and today we go between snow-covered peaks. Through Roger’s Pass we get to the Banff National Park. Asphalt.


Banff – Jasper

300 km. Drive through two of the most beautiful Canadian National Parks of Rocky Mountains, a lot of photo stops, asphalt.

DAYS 6, 7 i 8

Jasper – Ross River

1800 km of Canadian Siberia. Bears and elks in abundance. We experience Canadian spaces. Asphalt.

DAYS 9 i 10

Ross River – Ross River

600-700km (both ways) in the direction of McMillan Pass (good gravel in the absolutely deserted refuge of hunters)

DAY 11

Ross River-Dawson City

Even more beautiful than yesterday, along the magical river Yukon, asphalt.

DAY 12

Dawson City

We rest and visit the most famous town of past gold prospectors. You can and must try your luck panning the Bonanza stream …

DAY 13

Dawson City – Fairbanks

USA border, welcome to Alaska, another point on the gold rush route, asphalt, a bit of gravel

DAYS 14, 15, 16

Fairbanks City – Prudhoe Bay – Fairbanks City

1600 km. The famous Dalton Highway along the transalascan pipeline, tundra, land of caribou, something for real men (and woman), over the Arctic Ocean we get to the port town of the famous oil extraction, most of the Dalton Highway route goes far beyond the polar circle so it will not be dark, good gravel.

DAY 17

Fairbanks – Denali National Park

200 km. Access to the iconic Alaska National Park, asphalt.

DAY 18

Denali National Park

0 km. A full-day tour of the park at the foot of McKinley, the highest mountain of the continent, the kingdom of wild animals, a grizzly awaits near each tree … The park only runs a park bus – an essential supply of beer.

Day 19 and 20

Denali National Park – Homer

850 km. the Kenai peninsula is the tourist heart of Alaska, a lot of photo and other stops, fishing for salmon and trout on the Russian River, asphalt.

DAY 21


0 km. A day of rest by the ocean in the famous fishing port, you can fish for halibut from the boat, you can go on whale watching, you can also fly a private plane bear feeding for a thousand bucks … anyway, it’s epic beautiful, we’ll set up tents on the shore of the Pacific.

DAY 22

Homer – Anchorage

350 km, Farewell to Alaska, on the way visit a hospital for bears, asphalt.

DAY 22

Homer – Anchorage

0 km. We will leave the motorbikes and flt home, planes usually fly out in the early afternoon.


The journey starts tomorrow!

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